Example of case study on gordy goes global


The goal or objective of this case study is actually for us to learn about exporting, That is, its process, the markets, the players, the opportunities, and the challenges. Gordy went to the Ireland and United Kingdom on a trade mission that was state sponsored. She extended the stay so that she could meet additional prospective buyers in German and Belgium. These meetings resulted in his first export order that was essentially a maple lumber container that was shipped directly to a music instrument maker in Germany. She continued venturing into the export business and as a result, her export business in fact grew to comprise roughly 40% of the total company sale. However, this business is risky meaning that it has its own problems. Firstly, she will face the problem of financial risk where payments collection by using available methods is complicated and time consuming. In addition, finding the market information is not only time consuming but also more difficult. The other problem is that of product modification to meet the foreign countries security and safety codes together with other import restrictions.
These problems can actually be solved. For instance, in the problem of financial risk, she needs to carefully weigh those financial risks involved in this transaction and determine whether it is risky to continue venturing into this transaction. In the problem of finding the market information, she only needs to conduct a research through the internet and with the click of a button all the market information that she requires will come. In terms of product modification problem, she needs to know the foreign country’s packaging and labeling requirements and with this, the problem of product modification will be solved.

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