Example of article review on interracial sex and marriage

Over the past few decades, interracial relationships and racist has been an issue in cinematic representation. In America, race relations have continued to influence discrimination varying from social experiments to legal legislation. Courtney is in a position to disclose how the film industries have contributed to interracial relations and racist.
In order to deal with the issue of construction and obfuscation of interracial pairing in films, there should be established restrictions on the film’s spectacular narratives of sex gender and race. The retraction of interracial pairing indicates how identity and difference is spread in the United States. For instance white actors should not be shown in blackface. This is because the interracial sexual unions among whites and blacks simultaneously inculcate fear regarding sexual crossings in the established racial categories.
Spectators should be sufficiently trained and equipped to view race within the stipulations of cinema’s and society’s objective of eliminating racial segregation of white and black bodies. In the modern days audiences tend to copy what the celebrities in the film industry do. Thus it is significant to train and provide relevant information regarding racism and interracial relations to the film actors. For instance, white women should not be portrayed as a subject torture or assaults either at the hand of unforgiving white man or black men. On the other had movies that depicts racist and interracial pairing should be banned.
In the modern version of the audiences are shaped their connection to, and conception of gender and race. Modern movies have minimum depiction of racism and thus positively influence audiences on fighting against racism. The audience will respond in eliminating racism by embracing interracial marriages because many audiences tend to copy from the movie actors. Movies that are not racial biased encourage audience in improving their racial relations.