Evaluation of public administration theory essay

The issue of privatization of public services has become one of increasing interest and debate. Although many agree that privatization can help improve economic conditions, past failures have raised general civil concerns. Many are concerned that these issues regarding the quality and accessibility of services offset the economic benefits obtained by increasing funds to businesses, and past failures tied to privatization. In the past, several industries were commonly privatized. However, in the field of Public Administration more community services are under scrutiny as potential areas for privatization.
I realized from my present studies that government was increasingly run as a business. Administrators were charged with providing certain services and pressured with budgetary concerns. The public is abdicating their rights by their lack of involvement and failure to speak out on issues before changes are implemented. At the same time they are demanding lower budgets and taxes, the level of public services are expected to be maintained or improved.
Privatization of services addresses these duel concerns by establishing a set cost for services. The burden of equipment and technologic costs can be distributed over a wider demographic than if each governmental center had to maintain their own separate facilities and physical plants. Unfortunately, this favors the larger corporate services organization and limits competition from smaller more local concerns. This calls for ever increasing vigilance on the part of the Public Administration to correctly steer the direction in public services so that those areas best addressed by a larger facility can be taken over in such a manner as to avoid corruption and monopolies. At the same time there are other services that could be best rendered by one or more local businesses that would be more cost effective as well as help develop the economy. The public also demands and tradition hold that there are other public services that should be administered on a local government basis as well.


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