Essay on my process for becoming a world class engineering student

Engineering entails hard and interesting work practices with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and genders. My main objective is to work in collaboration with peer students and faculty. I also intend to formulate and apply hybrid methods in solving complex issues that can arise during my studies. Previous academic experiences helped me develop and shape an open-minded approach to learning. Moreover, differentiating the educational content is another important skill I have come to possess.
Good health and stress management are equally important to engage in a demanding course such as engineering. I intend to complete all scheduled tasks on time, taking time to research and clarify on points of uncertainty. Emotional stability is a factor I consider as key in ensuring my success in engineering both while studying, and as a career in future. Taking care of my health and the food choices is an important life skill, too.
Development of personal and professional integrity and ethical behavior is my ultimate goal. Study and work ethics must relate to honesty, which in turn relates to quality services and products by the engineer. Learning to work with people, earning their trust and learning to use that trust is a skill that is essential in a successful engineering practice after graduation. In developing this trait, the university provides me with the ample training ground. Hard work and adherence to procedure during my studies will build a strong sense of ethics in me.
I am determined to extort the highest value as possible from the university. By utilization of tools such as tutoring of aspiring engineers, I will afford myself the chance to utilize my knowledge in a practical manner. Utilization of the Engineering club is another way I seek to earning maximum value from the university.
I also intend to use the support of my family. Maintaining good relations with them is a positive way of involving them in my success, as their success. Spiritual alignment is another factor I consider as an integral part of my being. Success for individual gain has never been an area I deem as working towards. In developing this habit, I intend to participate in the various community volunteer programs.