Essay on importance of evolution

Evolution is a field of biology that analyzes how different forms of life developed over time to form organisms with similar or dissimilar characteristics. Charles Darwin largely studied this field and tried to explain how different organism evolved. This document, therefore, critically analyzes an article in the Nation Geographic Magazine by David Quammen, titled “ Was Darwin wrong?” In the article, David explains the Darwin’s theory of natural selection (Quammen, 2004). He argues that the theory, like any other theories, is a reliable explanation about the origin of life, and people should not criticize it, unless other scientists come up with better explanation that conflict with it. The article shows how Darwin’s theory contradicts with Christians’ Muslim, and Ultra-orthodox Jews’ belief. Moreover, individuals such as Harun Yahya (a Muslim) have published books “ The Evolution Deceit”, to counter Darwin’s theory of evolution. He alleges that other non-religious individuals also disagree with Darwin’s theory. Gallup polls show this by their recent study indicating that 45% of people interviewed did not believe in the theory, and only 37% were to it (Quammen, 2004). The article also states that nearly 50% of Americans strongly oppose Darwin’s Evolution theory. The articles shows how evolution is an important field in biology that explains how different animals still mutate even today, and helps biologists in the field of medicine to find cure to many micro-organism diseases. The news in this article explain how people, from all various fields generally disagree with scientific theories, based on their beliefs, without ample evidence to support their argument. It also explains how some scientific theories can be questionable, if the provided evidence is not sufficient. Therefore, this theory is a good indication of the many ‘ religion versus science’ conflicts. Consequently, this article suggests that people should question scientific theories before their acceptance, and thus should look for the relevance and truth of these theories. On the other hand, the article suggests involved parties should not oppose theories that have evidence and support, based on long time study and analysis.


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