Essay on classroom management plan

Every class is unique and has different students from diverse cultural backgrounds who go through many issues in their lives. However, having a suitable written classroom management plan is of utmost importance. A classroom management plan creates a friendly learning environment. It also helps the teacher to effectively engage students, maintain and take control of the class. A classroom management plan motivates students, makes them comfortable in class and makes them disciplined. Therefore, in planning my classroom management plan for first grade pupils, I am going to implement a plan which highly relies on teacher student preparation and organization.
Classroom management is the key to a safe environment where learning takes place. I am hoping to create an environment that is conducive to learning for all students by involving them. The most important part of a classroom management plan is not behavioral problems by creating a rapport with the pupils and encouraging them to concentrate on their studies.

Rules and Expectations

I expect all pupils to come to class on time and with the readiness and excitement to learn. I will put a rule poster that has six basic rules in front of the classroom meaning that it is easily seen by each student. I will also read them aloud in class as I expand on their meaning. I believe that it is very important for the six basic rules to be put in every classroom.

Six Basic Rules

– Always wait for directions while silent and follow them.
– Stay seated in class at all times unless you have permission to do otherwise.
– Remain silent in class and raise your hands and wait for permission to speak.
– Be nice and respectful of each other by using appropriate language and respecting each others property.
– Keep your hands and feet to yourself and no hitting and fighting in class.
– Eyes should be focused on the front when the teacher is teaching.
I chose the above rules because they are stated in a positive way and they will positively effect the students. The above rules make the teachers expectations clear. They are easy for students to follow. They are to be posted in a room a place that is visible to all students and to be read aloud for everyone to understand them.

Physical Arrangement in Class

My desk will be at the centre in front of the class so that I am able to monitor everything that goes on in class. I will make sure that the kids are seated in the middle of the class by arranging their desks in a U shape configuration. I am comfortable with this arrangement because it will allow the students free space and provide more room for students during group activities ands it will keep them from distractions if someone walks in. The U shape arrangement is also ideal for teacher led instruction class and is adaptable for both small and large group work (Johanna, 2006)
I will not sit at my table the whole day during the lessons. I will examine the ongoing student participation by keeping an eye on what they are doing during class work. Additionally, I will watch how students interact with each other and advice them where necessary. During lessons, I will move throughout the class as I monitor the behaviors of every student. The constant movement in class will keep me in proximity with the students and it will allow me check how they progress with class work especially notes taking.
In addition, I will work jointly with parents on ways to encourage the students and this will boost their class performance and how they interact with other people. As a teacher, I will make sure that I strengthen the student-teacher relationship, student- parent’s relationship and teacher-parent relationship; this will positively impact my students’ class performance. I will encourage parents to follow up their children’s performance and motivate them by rewarding them if they performed excellently.

Implementation Plan

I plan to use a three step process in implementing my classroom management plan. First of all, I will come up with a plan that is workable and achievable. Secondly, I will introduce my pupils to the classroom rules and procedures that are to govern the class. Also, I will reinforce the plan both verbally and physically. Lastly, I will look at how the plan is working and if there are any changes that need to be made. Moreover, I will build a personal connection with my class in order for my plan to work.
In essence, without a classroom management plan, there will be disorderliness which can lead to no learning at all. Students would be out of control and no learning could take place without a management plan. Teachers must have a strong classroom management plan for two reasons, first, students tend to listen better, but the most important reason to have a good classroom management plan is because it keeps the students focused and ready to learn at all times. Students tend to listen better when the teachers use every day procedures and routines to keep them going through the day. Using every day routines will keep the students busy and give them less time to cause trouble among themselves. Keeping the students under control and focused on learning should be a major goal of the teacher’s classroom management plan to make sure that learning always takes place.


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