Essay on a world government

Arguably, the world is becoming a global village. Communication and information technology tend to bring people from different nations, race, and culture together. Globalization is actually an inevitable aspect today since nations benefit from each other economically, socially, and to some extent politically. The possibility of having a world government in the future is by theory possible, but when critically analyzed it is difficult. Regardless of how the world is changing, having a world government is not possible.
Nations have differences that may make it difficult to have a world government.. The issue of attaining a world government is not realistic due to nationalism. People in the world are intensely committed to having a sense of belonging to a particular nation or government. Having a world government is a threat to nationalism issues. In addition, the desire to achieve independent economy still makes the attainability of a world government impossible. Globalization tries to make a world government a reality, but there are barriers that prevent it from happening. People in the world value identity, which surpasses the need to have a world government. The fear of change holds back the belief of having a world government. People in the world become used to their culture, government, law, institutions as well as societal communities; hence, they would not want any sort of interruption. Individuals hold to traditional beliefs that will always guide them. Having a world government will ruin this traditional stability and governance. In general perspective, I believe it is not possible to have a world government.
Having a world government should be feared since it is a threat to many issues of a nation. Countries vary in different ways, but having a world government eliminates the uniqueness of a nation. A world government comes a threat since it will make the entire world a united nation, whereby people move from one place to another. In this case, free movement encourages the spread of diseases and terrorism from one nation to another. A real world government will be worse since it will bring to an end the diversity and uniqueness. Diversity is one noteworthy aspect that gives one an identity, but having a world government means everything will be the same. In addition, it will be difficult for a world government to control trade, business, communication, travelling, and environment. A world government will increase conflict and crisis rather than creating a peaceful world.