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Followingthe event that I attended, several issues were canvassed by the attendants and those who addressed the event. Statistically, it was stated that there is around 23% of pop in Lebanon while the population of pop in Syria constituted 32% of the population. The same population dwindled even more in Sudan which boasts of only 20, 000 persons. In the United States, it was mentioned that it consisted of just around two to three thousand people. It was stated that God has a total of 99 names and the scripture was read from three of the books of the Bible which included Revelations and Isaiah. It was also said that the Bible was not supposed to be printed but rather handwritten in an endeavor to pass it down to other generations. Again, the community stayed at the same place and not in different areas. It was further argued that the souls were born to same sex relationships of both female-female and male-male in a similar fashion as it were over 300 years ago. The early people of the community lived in Lebanon but migrated in the year1711 especially in the North and south of Arabia. Christians and Drafs had disagreements over the demographics and there was even a war over the mountains in the year 2008. Religion was part of the political system and people knew only a littleabout scripture and sought to live in harm, only by being neutral. Later, projects wereinitiated so as to make the people close and as such there were a communion of Jews with fellow Jews and Christians with other Christians. It was the norm that a person being born into the family that professed the religion was born into faith which believed in the reincarnation of the soul. The year 1925 saw the attack on the French because they had no fear that they would be born again.