Essay about service

What is community? The term community is a group of interacting people, living in some proximity. Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a household that shares common values and has social cohesion. Community is a large group of people helping each other and benefiting from each other. Saint Jude Community refers to the students helping each other, and students working together in order to improve themselves and help others to be one in serving the school. The students achieve this by possessing the five core values, discipline, excellence, Christ-centeredness, service and commitment. Having spent a total of 13 years in Saint Jude Catholic School, I can honesty and confidently say that my most of my contributions to my school and community cannot be touched or seen, but it can be felt in the hearts of my teachers, friends and classmates. My optimism, enthusiasm and bubbly mind set has enabled me to chase my dreams and has encouraged all my friends in pursuing their goals as well. Throughout the years, I have always strived to emulate a true blooded Judenite by exhibiting the five essential core values of Saint Jude Catholic School. These five values are excellence, service, commitment, Christ-centeredness and discipline. I have always aimed for excellence in my academic studies. Being a consistent honor student, and from time to time being elected a class officer, I exhibited leadership and confidence to my fellow classmates and friends. I have always done my best to meet the expectations and accomplish the goals set by all of my teachers. I have always been a very competitive person and I never settle for satisfactory results. I have also participated in various activities such as drawing and art competitions, science contests, math contests, and this year’s FedEx Junior Achievement of the Philippines International Trade Challenge Business Plan Competition 2012 and brought with me the great name of my school, Saint Jude Catholic School. My business partner, Marvin and I were among the top ten groups chosen from different schools all over the Philippines, and we are proud to bring the name of Saint Jude with us. I have always endeavored to do my best and give my all in everything that needs to be accomplished. Being an above-average mathematics student, I have served my school by being an inspiration to my friends and classmates. Whenever my classmates and friends have problems or questions regarding a certain topic, they approach me without hesitation, and I try my very best to explain and answer all their questions and concerns. It gives me great satisfaction to see their grades improving and that they are learning something. All of my English and Chinese teachers can say that I am a very active and enthusiastic participant during their classes. By cracking jokes from time to time and by answering the questions thrown to us by the teacher, I make my classmates more attentive and interested in the lessons being taught. My optimism has shaped my experiences as well as my classmates’ experiences throughout my high school life. When I started my high school years, almost all of my grades were just average, but I believed that I could achieve more and that I could do better. After just a quarter, my grades improved drastically and up until now, I encourage my peers and classmates to do the same. Throughout my high school years, I have made a lot of mistakes, but as an optimistic person I realize that, while my mistakes are short-lived, the lessons that I can learn from them are endless. My optimism granted me the courage to learn from my mistakes, accept what is done and to do something to change the present circumstances. My optimism also empowers me to use my mistakes as learning tools to build who I am rather than to define what I am incapable of achieving. Possessing all the