Environmental issues of the 21st century

” Today human actions have become major forces in the operation of the earth system. They increasingly challenge the system boundaries of the planet, which will result in fundamental, unprecedented and unpredictable changes in the earth system (UNEVEN, 2012). ” This Is the most Important perspective we have to consider as we enter and currently live In the era provided by the 21st century. Everything happening In this world Is dependent or, If not, manipulated, by human beings.

We have become the most superior entity on this planet to the point that we can tinker and choose our planet’s destiny. Given this notion, the most infamous environmental concern which got into our senses from the time we hit this century ” can [simply] be categorized according to the major themes of global environmental change- water, climate change, the marineenvironment, and so on (UNEVEN, 2012). ” This phenomenon or change in natural trends, habitats, and, is of course, caused by the acts of us humans, being the superiors of this natural cycle.

There are numerous aspects of environmental change like water, climate, etc. But what we all know Is that the reason behind these changes Is collectively bound by the excessive ND Iniquitous acts of man because of their Inventions and stubbornness. Change In water Is caused by water pollutants which come from factories and garbage which Is a product of man. Change In climate Is due to greenhouse gases which come from burning of chemically hazardous wastes which is made by man and burned by man.

Change in marine environment is cause by excessive fishing, and water pollutants as well which are both acts of man and products of man. These are Just a few examples of how some aspects of environmental change are done. From here, we can derive he idea that these changes in trends and systems in nature are all put together by man and their acts. To make it a lot more concrete and practical, probably the most important environmental and social concern that has to be tackled would be the products and actions of man and how this can be grounded on awareness and ethics.

This concern has reached out and affected numerous fields ofsciencewhich sometimes are not really related to each other (like: tampering with evolution via biotechnology up to climate change Oval greenhouse gases) except for the sole cause of these occurrences which is man’s actions. To say that the concern is solely environmental change would be a bit of an understatement. The real concern would probably be the uncontrollable acts of man.

It is disturbing that a single cause could actually affect different aspects in different ways to the point that naturally-known ways and cycles are tipped by mere inventions, ignorance of man, and selfishness. Awareness in the 21st century is solely fixated on man. The man that we know of today has become that catalyst to tip eras of evolution and natural cycles that have been existing before us. The man that we know of today has become the sole manipulator by turning supposedly naturally occurring phenomenon to dissipate or to be created and run artificially.

If we look around us, different environmental concerns have arose which show a single symptom; change. But all these changes and concerns boll down to one single factor; human Intervention. In this century, everything that has happened and changed, environmentally speaking, can be Justly blamed on humanity ” Soc TTY NAS already confronted a most to global environmental challenges including loss of biodiversity, climate change, water and and degradation among others, and, through persistence and ingenuity, has found many solutions to these challenges.