Entrepreneur report

Entrepreneur Report Entrepreneurial Profile An entrepreneurial profile generally provides a clear structure about the key attributes especially the personal entrepreneurial traits of an individual. In relation to an assessment of my own personal entrepreneurial traits, I have identified my strong and weak areas that have been experienced throughout different stages of my life. In order to improve the entrepreneurial skills in future, a number of critical success factors have been taken into concern that can provide me an opportunity and strong support towards attaining my desired entrepreneurial goals and objectives.
Evaluation of the Personal Traits
Based on self-evaluation, it is quite evident that the development in some of my personal traits would prove to be effective on obtaining the desired objectives. In this regard, a few of the major life roles that I have garnered throughout different stages of life can be duly considered as a set of major attributes, which can encourage me of being as a successful entrepreneur. Such roles include the following:
A manager
An achiever
A self-believer
A risk taker and
A creator
In the context of being as a manager, I must ensure to have the capability of planning, organizing and controlling skills for attaining both short and long-term organizational goals. Correspondingly, I should also focus on effectively practicing different job positions in order to be a competent achiever in the entrepreneurial roles. Additionally, I also have strong self-believed in terms of evaluating my own strengths and weaknesses, which can also help me to play the role of an entrepreneur efficiently. In this context, I am also determined to continuously dealing with my weaknesses and strengthening self-believe especially in terms of managing, controlling and decision making activities. In the context of the role as a risk taker, I should highly focus on strengthening my abilities to deal with different complexities and uncertainties that are essentially required to become a successful entrepreneur. In relation to play the role as a creator, I would like to develop exceptional way of improving business performance and handling risks with the best and possible ways.
Entrepreneurial Objectives
Setting a competent set of objectives is one of the crucial aspects of every entrepreneur. According to my own knowledge and understanding, my entrepreneurial objectives include:
Developing Self-Enthusiasm
Strengthening collaboration between capabilities and business goals
Managing and encouraging managerial ability
Perceiving clear communication and decision making capability
Forming adequate risk talking ability
Beyond the above mentioned entrepreneurial objectives, I would also pay utmost attention on increasing my knowledge and abilities to understand or grasp the opportunities by evaluating the prevailing different market scenarios. Nevertheless, improving perceptual skills and maintaining adequate flexibility to learn new ideas would also be certain other major areas to be taken into concern within my entrepreneurial objectives.
Evaluation of the Critical Success Factors
In relation to define the critical success factors, the innate managerial and leadership capabilities would help me to obtain the desired entrepreneurial traits. In the context of elaborating my own critical success factors, I would preferably focus on my existing personal characteristics. In this context, a higher socializing power with improved communication ability would provide me a better opportunity to manage, control and lead members within the organization (Lennon, 2011). Moreover, adequate skills on social orientation as well as wider perception of encouraging participation in decision-making procedure would also help me to become a successful entrepreneur.
In the organizational context, leadership quality with visionary thinking would substantially help me to attain short as well as long-term business objectives. Additionally, a strong capability of making effective business decisions would also help me to avert future challenges.
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