English papers essay

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 novella tries to show the reader to embrace the positive effects of technology. However Bradbury just contradicts his own point. He continuously shows the positive effects of nature and the negative of technology. Nature can only have a negative effect on civilization. Nature will always have a positive effect on civilization. Therefore, nature will always overpower technology.

The society that Bradbury creates believes that their advances in technology will bring happiness, when in reality it just corrupted the minds of the innocent. Their minds, trapped in the screen, never realized the power over them and the government controlling them. The technology of their time completely stupefied the mind of the people and left them no room to think for themselves and have a creative mindset. Some were completely oblivious of this and completely just fell for the trap. For example, Mildred wanted a fourth wall of televisions in her house.

This symbolizes the isolation and the separation from the rest of civilization due to the over powering and trapping effect of technology in their society. Although the society that Bradbury has created thought that technology would help them achieve a utopia, it did nothing but corrupt them. Their controlling personality did nothing but make things worse.

This technology has nothing but negative effects on the people. Everyone is completely illiterate and has no idea about the past. They cant think on there own and know nothing but this fake “ happiness”.

No one realizes that this is completely fake besides very few such as Clarisse when she asks Montag, “ Are you happy? Happy! Of all the nonsense”. This shows that no one can really be happy in the fake technological society. The negative effects of technology help show the positive effects of nature. Bradbury goes back to that “ ying yang” concept. Without nature there would be no good, nothing to burn, hide, or fear. Going back to the story of Genisis Adam and Eve, starting from good, “ nature”, it became bad because they ate the forbidden fruit in the search for happiness and knowledge.

Using that good, “ nature”, as the gateway to bad. Consequently Bradbury uses that same story line. The good, “ nature” in the beginning was corrupted, in the search for a utopia, by the evil “ technology”. Bradbury shows that people need nature and cannot live without it