Emotional appeal essay examples

Woodrow Wilson’s Declaration of war message to congress speech (April 2, 1917) as compared to Eugene Debs’, the Canton, Ohio Speech, Anti-War Speech (June 16, 1918) is not as emotional appealing but more compelling in terms of propaganda. The Woodrow Wilson speech is more of propaganda to get out people to turn their backs on Germany and lead the US to war against Germany. The Eugene Debs speech is more appealing emotionally as it’s short and straight to the point bearing the emotional style of writing appealing to the masses emotionally. The propaganda in the Woodrow Wilson speech overshadows the emotional appeal making it less of emotions and more of an argument and a way to try convince people to pursue his motives.
The Eugene Debs speech entails factual data and explanation of facts as they are creating the emotional appeal which is intended to. The use of scenarios and emotional figure of speech on the speech is highly noticed as he is concerned about the rights and the well-being of America. To him going to war is not always the solution to problems but just leads to creation of further problems, he appealed to the changing of the espionage act of 1917 to change these effects and prevention of further was in the future. His advocating for peace is for the interest of all as he terms the advocating for wars to be on the self-gain of the lucky few and so on. His appeal to the masses and considering of the rights of the tax payers gives it’s a better chance of appeal as it involves the emotions of sorry and gratitude. His request is simply emotional as he is considering the well-being of all clearly stating the disadvantages of the wars to the country.