Emergency management essay

I concur with the observations in the article. Indeed, the role of communication in the effective and timely resolution of disasters and emergencies cannot be gainsaid. Ideally, the level of success in dispensing emergency relief services depends on the approach the managers pursue. As the article observes, four main ways are anticipated. These are interpersonal influence, media relations, inter-organizational networking, and technology showcase. Of the methods mentioned, I equally register my appreciation of the increasing significance of technology showcase approaches. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have proven critical in the communication of essential and critical information. In addition, the wide media in these platforms facilitates a cheaper and faster method of communication previously not anticipated.


Given the context in which emergencies occur, it is my contention that disaster managers step up their game in efforts at ensuring effective communication. Three main stakeholders come into perspective. These are the media, the public and most significantly the teams involved in delivering emergency services. Within that strain, it remains imperative for disaster managers to assume an approach that easily balances the needs of all the three stakeholders. In equal measure, disaster managers need to only relay information to relevant stakeholders. This is to say, in concurrence with the author, information must be controlled. Some situations dictate that the public is denied some information while other situations dictate that the media is allowed access to every detail. The control of such communication in the context of operating situation is what networking platforms have not anticipated thus the challenge. The onus lies on the disaster managers to come up with approaches that would conclusively resolve such problems.


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