Emba 560 executive position week 1 journal 1

Journal Entry I presently occupy the position of medical representative in St. Jude Medical, a position of importance to the company although one could say it is situated in the middle of the career ladder leading to an executive position. I would say that I am in stage II, but with prospect of entering stage III phase of the four stages of leadership identified in the ‘ Prof’s Perspective’ so while I am contributing mainly on an independent basis, I am occasionally tasked to assist others, those who are newer in this profession. I have not yet been accorded the title, although my peers recognize my potential to contribute more towards the company’s success, for which reason my immediate superior and my peers have turned to me to help guide the others.
I have set my aspirations high, but they are more than just wishful thinking. I figured that if we aim high and don’t quite reach the goal, then we still come quite close to it and end up better than expected. I aim to enter the managerial level in the next 24 months, and in the long term I believe I will be able to achieve the level of vice president for marketing. I firmly believe I am a viable candidate for this position, because I know I have the drive and initiative to excel in the marketing function. There are many insights and ideas I have that I know I could share with the firm and my colleagues in this division. I have acquired a keen sense about the medical experts and professionals to whom we market our high technology medical devices, and my Stage IV contribution would be to enable more effective marketing strategies in this area as well as the more generic products and services our company provides.
I am confident that with the tools and knowledge this EMBA program will provide me, I will be able to become a manager in the next two years, and enter into the executive levels in the future.