Efficiency and logistics of fedex in south korea

FedEx Korea Globalization has brought many changes in international marketing. Traditional marketing strategies need lot of fine tuning or customizations now for the successful marketing operations. It is impossible to use uniform or standardized marketing strategies across the world even though the interactions with the countries increased a lot. FedEx is one of the prominent companies in the global logistics market and in Korea also FedEx is a popular company.
I have huge interest in marketing profession and I believe that my relevant experience and educational background makes me an ideal candidate for the “ Sales Coordinator” position in FedEx, Korea. Excellent communication skills, good negotiation skills, passion in travelling, fluency in English and the ability to undertake difficult responsibilities are some of the plus points which made me suitable for this profession. Apart from marketing skills, in my opinion, a marketing professional needs management skills and the ability to work in a team. My diverse experiences in Bobby Brown Cosmetic Shop, Samsung life insurance and Oriental Spoon Restaurant have added more value to my leadership, marketing and management skills.
It is difficult to market a product using the same marketing strategy all over the world. Each market has its own identity and characteristics because of the cultural, social, political and economical differences. In other words, custom made marketing strategies are necessary for each market. Korea is one of the rapidly developing economies in the world even amidst tensions with the neighboring countries like North Korea. In United States, FedEx has succeeded in monopolizing the logistics market whereas in Korea same thing cannot be said about FedEx. I have studied many of the marketing strategies of the FedEx in America and I think I can implement those strategies in Korea with a little bit of fine tuning.
Currently, FedEx failed to deliver even in-state deliveries on the same day of shipping in Korea (Max). But in United States the case is different. In fact same day delivery of goods made FedEx the number one logistics company in United States. In my opinion, FedEx should try to deliver as much as goods on the same day of shipping in Korea also in order to become the market leader there.
I have an extensive 150 days marketing plan for my Korea operations if succeeded in getting a marketing profession in FedEx. If FedEx provides me an opportunity to work in Korea, I will use the initial 30 days for studying the market. Market study is important in marketing as each market may have some strengths and weakness. After studying the strengths and weaknesses of the Korean market, the next 30 days will be used for developing some new marketing strategies or fine tuning some of the existing marketing strategies. The new marketing strategies developed by me will be implemented in during the third month. I will evaluate the success and failures of the new marketing strategies during the fourth month and the final polished strategies will be implemented in the fifth month.
In short, the current FedEx operations in Korea needs more fine tuning. Custom made strategies are necessary for the successful marketing of FedEx in Korea.
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