Effects on some soldiers

Response to Articles Topic: Effects on Some Soldiers Alfred Binet is one of the acclaimed psychologists of the 20th century. From his many works, he received a lot of reaction from people and this ranged from negative to positive reactions depending on the perspective that the involved people decided to take. According to his research, he sought to introduce a scale that would measure the mental activity of people and consequently reach conclusions about their ability to reproduce. Going through the reading, an individual gets a feeling of negligence from the two scientists that were involved with the testing.
God is the only one who has the power to dictate whether a person can have children or not and this is something that happens naturally. However, the incorporation of science in this leads to the notion that these psychologists were trying to take up the role of God that would lead to a direct abomination from God if it happened again. The fact that Alfred and his workmate carried out more tests on humans is a factor that showed that these people did not have any sense of compassion.
One of the crudest procedures to carry out in a human being is carrying out mental tests. The reason is that the brain is one of the most delicate and important organs in a human being. Alfred did not recognize this and went ahead carrying out these tests on families in order to show their mental status and thus judging whether they ought to be allowed to reproduce. This lack of compassion is an attitude that was evident in these scientists.
Topic: Psychological Testing
Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is one of the tests outlined in the paper and offers a detailed explanation of the manner in which it is used to determine the mental condition of an individual. As opposed to many other mental tests that do not have any valid or rather legitimate goal, this test is appropriate and approved for it is used for the diagnosis of mental illness. This test has received a lot of credit from different mental institutions for its lack of disparity and the fact that it has helped many people over the years to identify the various mental problems that they have and consequently get the immediate medical attention required.
The other kind of tests carried out is The Rorschach inkblot test. This tests as explained in the paper is responsible for identifying the emotional levels of a person with regard to a particular situation (Chocha, 2012). This test is not quite legitimate and there is no need of having such tests in the contemporary world. Many people and institutions have engaged in the use of these tests and they involve the questioning of people regarding some of their private issues. These personality tests are very embarrassing as stated and may lead to the particular individual revealing some personal details that he or she did not intend. It is thus not morally right to carry out this Rorschach inkblot test.
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