Effects of critical thinking on a reader and writer

I merge scientific rules with commonsensical judgment and come up with my own reasons to object to some points and agree with others. It improves my thinking capabilities and reasoning power. Critical thinking is very important to clarify the concepts properly.
As a writer, critical thinking enables me to put my expressions and perspectives in black and white. I analyze my ideas and compare them to common sense and to scientific reasons and finally come up with statements that fit very well with logic. I find myself thinking clearly about the issue and this helps improve my writing because my concepts are clear as crystal due to pondering upon supporting the issue or otherwise. I carefully evaluate the cause-and-effect of the event to get to any weak points. I consult books, internet, magazines, television shows, and libraries to support my point or object with another writer’s point. This increases my knowledge.
In short, critical thinking in itself is an intellectual and a psychological process that has developed my writing as it has perked up my evaluation abilities by enabling me to analyze the issue so that I can agree or disagree with it.