Education and economic aspect english

As we know in this modern era English has been an international language, English has been used by many country in the world, English also used in international events, such as seminar, public discussion, conference, and treaty, the importance of English language can be seen and felt in everywhere such as: economy aspect, social aspect and educational aspect.

First is economic aspect English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for all people to speak English if they are want to enter a global workforce, research from all over the world shows that the businesscommunicationis the most often conducted in English.

It is very importance in the global market place to learning English because to join our dream’s jobs in any country, especially in an English-speaking country, we must be fluent in this language. Whether we are an aspiringdoctor, engineer, academician, sportsperson, like students, businessmen, player’s, service holders Etc, we must learn English to progress in our field, So English language is really important for every occupation.

And the second is social aspect; communication is the most important aspect to know our social, because with communication we will know the condition in our society, some countries use English as theirmother tongue, English is language of communication between the people with different cultures, it is also the language of computers that help to communicate with the people around the world through Internettechnologyand e-mail. But we have to know that almost all computing operating systems, programs, software, etc are dominated by English language.

So knowing English will help us to get information from other world. And the last iseducationaspect; education is one of the important aspects in our life becauseEducation is the keyto a person’s future. If we have a good education it will help us to achieve all types ofgoalsand to reach our goals we have to study until high level and in this modern era if we want to continue our higher education we must learn English because most of the higher education books are in English.

Language is the medium of expressing thought and feelings to others. English is the International language. People of the countries of the world speak English as a common language. As a result English has become the language of communication, higher studiesscience and technology. It is also the language of business and diplomacy. Without English no one can go to a foreign country. It is also necessary to get a good job.

So all kinds of people like students, businessmen, player’s, service holders, doctor, engineer, academician, sportsperson and etc, must learn communicative English to make progress in their life. Without communicative English no one can shine in life, so, in my opinion we should give muchstressin learning English from the very beginning, even thought there are many people said that English is difficult but I think it is not? We just need dedicate some time on regular basis to learning English.