Editorial: big data – the language and future of one medicine, one science

Editorial on the Research Topic
Big Data – The Language and Future of One Medicine, One Science


The volume and complexity of data available to support disease animal production, and disease prevention and control, has dramatically grown over the last decade. Such rapid increase in the quantity of data has not necessarily resulted in a consequent ability to improve the quality of management and policy decisions applied to health and production ( 1 ). Consequently, there is an urgent need for increasing our ability to apply computational tools to mine big agro-ecosystems data through an interdisciplinary team of agricultural, medical and social scientists, in order to improve efficiency of food production systems and provide science-based inputs for management and policy, with the ultimate objective of improving health and well-being of local and global communities.

The research topic here includes five scientific contributions emerging from presentations, and subsequent debate and discussion, offered at a workshop on Big Data-related research applied to disease prevention and control under the umbrella of one medicine, one science. The workshop was held as part of the international Conference on One Medicine, One Science (iCOMOS) in Minnesota, April 2016, which is one of the leading conferences in the field. The research topic reviews the present and future of Big Data analysis applied to veterinary medicine, providing some theoretical background to build the foundations of the discipline, and demonstrating its application to veterinary sciences in the fields of veterinary epidemiology and animal health care.

Basic Principles and Concepts