Dress for succes

When I think of the phrase “ Dress for Success! ” I think of a person getting ready or preparing for a big jobinterview. Like when person goes to a job interview wearing a muscle shirt and shorts for a job that requires you to cookfood. Or when a person wears super fancy clothes to an interview that requires you to clean bathrooms. “ Dressing for success” is like a guide telling you what you might need to wear to make a good impression. Dress for success means to dress for the occasion. You want to dress for the occasion because you don’t want be out-of-order. An example of this is going to church in pajamas.

That is an example of dressing out-of-order. Schools are even making their dress codes better. They don’t want the kids to dress themselves in tank tops and super short shorts. Some girls do that just to fit in. Those girls are dumb. Dressing for success doesn’t only apply to job interviews, but for many other things. If you’re running for long distances, you don’t want your everyday clothes to slow you down. How coul you fix this simple problem? You could get the appropriate clothes for running and it would help you by taking off unneeded weight and make you not get tired as quickly.

When you are applying for a job interview, you should look nice. If you want to get a job at a bank, you should wear nice pants and a nice shirt, or a dress. If you are applying for a job at Hot Topic you could probably wear a T shirt from your favorite band and skinny jeans. Avoid too many body piercings though. When you go to a job interview or someones funeral you have to dress withrespect. And nice. You don’t want your butt or boobs hanging out. You want people to think your decent and well-behaved. Another example is when you wear a tank top and some booty shorts to school.

That’s not a good thing to wear. You got to wear non-distracting clothes. When you come to school you don’t really have to dress for success but you don’t want to come looking a hot mess. Come looking decent. I think dressing for success is important because people will make assumptions about you. If you’re in Wal-Mart and you’re wearing old pajamas with holes in them in all the wrong places, people will think you’re weird. If you’re at a school dance, casual, and you wear a wedding dress, people will think you’re lame and weird.

If you go to prom wearing a dressing robe, people will NOT dance with you. When I think of dress for success I think of… Say you wanna go to Adventure. Your friends are dressed in booty shorts and tank tops but there are hundreds of people they’re looking at you, is that really how you wanna dress? People don’t want to see girls in booty shorts walking around at the age of 11 or 12. I think people should dress a certain way. One reason is if you own a fortune 500 company and you wear flip-flops and a tank top. The workers won’t take you seriously.