Dreamworks animation

DreamWorks Animation mentions that the work is collaborative (DreamWorks Animation SKG), so that is an indication of the fact that employees do enjoy job sharing opportunities to balance work and personal life.
Much of the information regarding the work-life relationship of the company can be obtained from the Fortune Magazine website (100 Best Companies). It mentions that the company offers job sharing (100 Best Companies), as previously mentioned, and there is also the option of telecommuting (100 Best Companies), which makes it easier for the employees to work even from home if the need arises. However, the company website explicitly states that the work is very demanding and time-consuming, and free time is hard to get (DreamWorks Animation SKG). That could be daunting for an employee who is trying to balance a personal life along with his work. Moreover, the company does not offer compressed workweeks (100 Best Companies).
There is a fair chance of a good balance between work and personal life if I were to work for this company. However, given the nature and demand of the work, and my aim of maintaining a balance, I would rather look elsewhere first before settling on this company.
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