Dragonwings by fung joe guey

Moon collects and delivers laundry to his father, but one day Black Dog, the uncle’s son beats Moon and steals money received from laundry clients. Windrider goes to an underground gang and fights Black Dog to avenge his son, in the process Moon and his father kill a man. They escape the village after the murder and plan to work for Mr. Alger. Moon and his dad move into a stable behind the house of Miss Whitlaw. The neighborhood boys are cruel to Moon, and they ridicule his English. Moon requests Miss Whitlaw to help him in writing a letter to ask the Wright brothers to help his father with plane specifications. Windrider refuses to use the specifications at first but with time he agrees.

An earthquake occurs in San Francisco in 1906 and demolishes the city, and two of the family members disappear. Windrider builds a functional airplane “ Dragonwings,” but Black Dog shows up and robs them of their savings. The next day the company loans Windrider lots of money. Windrider flies his plane, but in the process, its frame snaps and he breaks his leg and ribs. The company helps Windrider in bringing his wife to America.

The article proves that all dreams are valid. It further teaches that we must strive to achieve our goals despite the challenges we face. The story shows that hard work always pays.