Dragonfly camera and its uses

Drongly As we enter the digital age, one thing is for sure and whether we like it or not this “ dragonfly” will not be the last technology device we will see. However, as much as I fancies and enjoy this information ages I would not want to see this dragonfly spying my kids or me because, I believe it is an invasion of privacy. 1. One thing is certain, that if law enforcement were made available to this tool it would absolutely help them. For example, they can use this “ dragonfly camera” to inspect every person they are about to stop in order to make sure the person is not danger to them before they start questioning them. And, because police have to deal and asses every situation as a “ risk” in order to survive on the street they can absolutely take advantage of this new technology. 2. In correction, where people or criminals are ever present in the jail/prison the correctional officer or officials can take a huge advantage from this technology like the police. For example, judges and correctional officer can decide which inmate to release early when the jails/prison become crowded and they can evaluate using this technology. They can send this tiny birdlike to the inmates rooms and listen to what they are planning life after jail. Because, inmates like to talk about what they want to do outside prison walls once release, correctional officer can use and evaluated inmates through this device so can probation and parole officers. 3. As a citizen, I favor this device not be used at any means because I believe it is an invasion of privacy. Yes, yes, it would help our government you might say but when we give up too many rights there can be a problem. We already have enough problems about the patriot act and people listening to our every day conversation and to add this would be absolutely disaster. On the other hand, the citizens should be making this kind of a decision and not the government alone because, they are only there on our behalf and we should be voting such decision in the general election and should be given it is own ballot. Lastly, we are the ones who will be paying the expenses to finance this computer spies if you will, so, I do not see why we should not make or involve any decision making. 4. If we agree that, our government should not be using this device it would be catastrophic to allow private companies to use this and without any doubt, they will invade our privacy. I mean, we are talking about this “ dragonfly” or other technologies, which might be as small as ant in the future. some private companies are already discriminating people on their facebook comments and what they write on their walls or the picture they have so, if we make available such tools to them you can only guess where it will take them. 5. Off course, if we let this to happen our privacy, democracy and our freedom of speech will be under attack and will never be the same. if we are aware such technology is being used we will absolutely live in fear and even be afraid to speak of our mind and we might even not have the guts to express our opinions. I have seen places where one cannot express their feeling and their opinion and it is absolutely outrages to be afraid of what you have to say. Trust me when I say I have seen this places I am actually telling you the truth as I have lived where the bullet of the gun is the answer to anyone who demonstrate against any decisions the government made for its people. However, this country should remain anonymous for now but it is not something I want to see again as I fancy “ people’s choice”. 6. Yes, there should be limitation and rules made to this technology and other that might emerge as we enjoy this digital ages. In a world, where we have rules for everything, there should not be any reason why we cannot make a rule for such technology and although, I would like to see a completely prevention to such technology I still believe the citizens should vote and set aside for rules and regulation to anyone who break these rules.