Do you think working with chemicals is fun and awesome?

Do you like math and science? If you do then you might want to think about being a chemical engineer! That is why the career am researching is chemical engineering. I think this field of engineering is a good choice for me because I have always loved solving problems and finding how things react to other things. Some things would like to know about chemical engineering is what is the salary? What do they do? How do I become one? What do need to do now to help me prepare? What are the best colleges? An to do research on mostly the internet and using prior knowledge. I do know that chemical engineers help mass produce products. I also know they make a lot of money! I just don’t know how much yet. I hope to have all my questions answered by the end of my research. My research will help me figure out how I can pursue my goal of becoming a chemical engineer. Began my research by going to the website Mr.. Gustafson gave me. I decided to choose chemical engineering because I think it fits me the best because like the idea of it. I like taking things apart ND putting them together.

I like seeing how things reacted to other things. I found information by going to lots of different web pages and seeing if the information was the same. The most reliable and detailed site I found is http://www. Prospects. AC. UK/chemical_engineer_job_description. HTML the website has links to all the other information about engineering like job description, salary, conditions, entry requirements, training, and job information. It is also has some information that surprised me about job availability and how long you need to go to school. Old have thought that you need a masters degree but you only have to have a bachelor’s degree. I also didn’t know how many job openings there are. Hopefully it will keep growing. Another thing that surprised me is that chemical engineers work in the food and beverage industry. I think would like to work in the food and beverage industry. For example say I worked at Coca Cola. I would help make the product taste better, make shelf life longer, or run the plant. Chemical engineers in the food and beverage industry work includes the handling, recessing, preparation, packaging, and preservation of food and beverages.

Chemical engineers formulate new products to meet consumer demand, change ingredients for better flavor, change handling processes for more consistent texture, and freeze dry products or try to make the shelf life longer. To become a chemical engineer you need at least a bachelors degree in chemical engineering or biochemical engineering. Employers also like if you have experience and internships. You can also go to conferences and stuff like that. If you want to become a chemical engineer you should have good am work skills, communication skills, and be creative.

You should also have an interest in chemistry, math, physics, and biology. Chemical engineers generally work in clean, well-equipped plants, offices, and laboratories that don’t require much, if any, physical work. The cost of getting a career in chemical engineering depends on what college you go to. For example, if I went to Berkeley for four years it would cost about $105, 288. That is without any scholarships or financial aid. But plan on getting a lot of scholarships and financial aid.

The duties of a chemical engineer are very diverse and it depends on what job you have but it can include designing plant and equipment, designing, installing and commissioning new production plants, and working closely with process chemists and control engineers. According to http://www”. Prospects. AC. UK/chemical_engineer_vacancy_sources. HTML ” The most obvious employers are those in gas and oil extraction, oil refining, nuclear and other power generation, and other process industries, including pharmaceuticals, fine and heavy chemicals and agrochemicals.

The salary of a chemical engineer depends on the job and experience. The most reliable information I have is that ” salaries vary according to location, sector, size and the nature of the industry and are dependent on chartered status. Salaries in oil and contracting, for example, are likely to be higher than in other areas. ” The 201 0 median pay for chemical engineers was $90, 300 per year. The benefits of being a chemical engineer depends on your job but usually include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and pension plan.

The engineering field is growing at a very high rate and there is a high demand for them. From doing this research I have learned a lot about chemical engineering. Now that I have learned more about it I think it’s a great choice for me. I think the only thing that has changed is that I have realized how hard I have to work to achieve my goal and it is kind of scary. From doing this research I have found what I have to do now. If want to be successful in high school I need to take chemistry, math, physics, and, biology. I need to maintain a high grade point average as well.

My plans for after high school include going to one of the top engineering colleges in America and keeping my grades up in college. I would like to graduate and then become a chemical engineer. Would like to do something with the food industry. My plan to become a chemical engineer by keeping a high grade point average and taking all the right classes in high school. After I graduate from high school I plan to go to one of the top engineering schools in the country and become a chemical engineer. I also hope to gain work experience and internships along the way.