Do the words we use to describe pregnancy reveal our feelings toward it by patrick cox

The paper ” Do the Words We Use to Describe Pregnancy Reveal Our Feelings Toward It by Patrick Cox” is a brilliant example of an article on English. The article titled  “ Do the words we use to describe pregnancy reveal our feelings toward it?” has been authored by Cox and in this article, the author focuses on the words that are used to describe pregnant women or the state of pregnancy and what these words really mean (Cox, 2015). The author states that in the regions of Russia as well as Africa, a pregnant woman is referred to with the use of negative words that mean burden or ill. In the case of China, a pregnant woman is denoted in positive terms. The author states that the same is the case in several nations such as Spain. The author states that the terms used for pregnancy in these nations represent their cultures. For example, In China, pregnancy is referred to as in a positive manner because they follow the Confucian value system. The author further states that according to a linguist named John McWhorter, it would be wrong to believe that the words used for pregnancy depict the cultural attitude of the people using the word. This is because it has several meanings and is used in different contexts. McWhorter even states that it is quite difficult to find a connection between thought and words used by individuals and other linguists even believe that there is no or very little connection. Another researcher states that words should not be considered in their literal sense and not importance should be given to subliminal meanings they carry. The author even states that the meaning of words changes over time and may provide some insight into the cultural attitudes of the speaker.