Do or die

Good and evil, are two separate things. Good represents virtue, righteousness, and honor where as evil represents hatred, anger, and cruelty. The Crucible shows characters that represent not only goodness, but evil as well. The ones who represent true love and good are John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor. They both show what goodness is in Salem and who is the real witch or devil.

Abigail Williams is a young irl who claims she is cursed by the devil and that people are sending devils to kill one another. Abigail represents evil in Salem in the worst ways possible. In the novel The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, shows how John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor are representing the angels that portray love andrespect, as Abigail Williams represents the role of the devil’s child which portrays hatred. Love comes from deep affection as a mother, sister, or even a child. The two married couple,

Elizabeth and John Proctor both represents what real love and goodness is in this book. ” l have no love for Mr. Parris. It is no secret. But God I surely love” (94). In this quote, it shows the honesty John Proctor claims. Everyone in Salem keeps up with rumors and never speaks up the truth. John Proctor does not act as a hypocrite and rather expresses his feeling of honesty towards Mr. Parr’s. ” Do what you will. But let none be your Judge. There is no higher Judge under Heaven than Proctor 39).

In this quote Elizabeth Proctor explains that although everyone Judge the Proctors, John should know only God is his Judge, and under heaven there is no Judge higher than himself. Although goodness expresses love and care, there is always evil in everyone’s life. Hatred expresses extreme aversion or hostility. Abigail Williams is a young girl who claims her and a group of girls have been possessed by witch craft. Abigail shows her affection by accusing innocent civilians in Salem claiming…