Religion Based on the conversation that took place in the conversation that was hosted by Jon Meacham andSally Quinn as explained in Washingtonpost (2007), it is clear that sometimes the government can create barriers to religious expressions by different individuals. In some cases, the government may implement rules and regulations that set limits on how people can express their religious views. This however, due the fact that the government has a constitution that outlines what is illegal and legal. This then may include restrictions on bring to the public conflicting issues of religion or what various ways of life or approaches to contemporary issues that different religions would prefer. In that case, then the law and the government in general may put limits to bringing out such issues when it enforces laws against expression of religious controversies.
On the contrary, some religious behaviors and practices may become a threat to the society and general relationships of people holding different religious views in the same society. For example, people from different religions may hold too much from their religious beliefs to an extent that they do not try to understand the essence of other people’s religions (Washingtonpost, 2007). This may result in conflicts based on religious aspect and views among people in the society. Therefore, cases like clashes and other religious wrangles may erupt which poses a threat to the well being of the society. For example, cases like terrorism may be due to extreme religious behaviors among certain individuals in a society. The government therefore, needs to consider other people’s opinions and expressions when they have anything to say concerning religious matters. This will then avoid religious conflicts that may pose threat to the society.
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