Devil’s knot

The crime scene was repeatedly changed and re-recorded from the three teenagers to suit the situation and the time of the murder so that the post mortem report should also match the same time as recorded by the police. At one point the boy said they skipped the school and the murder took place in the afternoon, which did not match the murder time, and so they were encouraged to change the time of the murder. The crime sent shock waves to the entire Arkansas City and terrible tragedy what these three little boys went though before their deaths had to be painful terror. The stepfather of one of the accused was very abusive and always lied and was very much ready for the cameras always and the Press thought that this stepfather was involved with the police. The police than to accept the crime that they never committed left the three teenagers with no option. As the interrogation continued the case caught a wildfire by the press and the media and always featured as breaking news by the TV and new paper. Feeling the pressure the police had to bring the accused before the press show everybody that they are already on the job. But the parents of the accused were strongly condemning the police as the proof obtained from the three teenagers cannot be assumed as the circumstantial evidence nor even the proof of the murder. The three teenagers Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Miss Kelley were strongly against the police and their investigation that is only one-sided and being forcefully framed the charges by the police to get out of the murk. As the press TV and many anxious parents were waiting for further investigation the police have decided to zero in only on these three teenagers. The crime scene did not find any physical evidence of the three teenagers so that they can be accused of the horrific capital murder. The crime committed on a date may 5th 1993 that had all that in a suspense thriller but lacking in evidence was very weak to frame charges but the police went ahead and framed the charges. Police cared too little to hear from the accused and were trying to suppress their voice so that the truth if any should not surface and see the light of the day.