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Chapter Summary

In defining the scope of the project, the content and the functionality are well defined in this phase. Functionality refers to what the site will function as, content in this sense is what consists in the functions of these sites. Other tips and direction that are of a useful nature are included in a descriptive and detailed writing. This enables the individuals to know what is required of them and what is expected of the project upon completion.
It can be noted that when designing the interface, the most important aspect is to consider its functionality. All round the world; people are known to use programs not because they look good, but they function well. This also does not mean that one should ignore the UI design. A good-looking UI design will add credit to the Interface just as its functionality.
Also, UI designing, the consistency between the options, functions and pages are of vital importance. Clients when using the interface, they expect that certain things, when these things fluctuate from page to page, this creates a problem as the users will not be satisfied. Therefore, consistency should be an aspect that should be of high importance to the designer when designing and Interface. The color schemes and general layout should all be consistent.
The users of these programs once created are not always perfect, it should be expected that they should make mistakes once in a while. These mistakes include the user pressing the wrong button or giving the wrong command. In the case of such situations, the user should be in a position to undo their actions. This will enable the users to comfortably use the programs as they know every action is reversible.
It is also advised for the project managers to be aware of the Scope Creep even in areas where the project scope is readily defined. This event phenomenon is seen to occur when the project manager adds a new feature to an already approved product designs, without the provision of an equivalent increase in time and budgets allocation. The main causes of scope creep can be identified as, lack of involvement of the users, poor requirements analysis, gold plating and the lack of change control.
The best way to avoid the occurrence of a scope creep is through the following ways. Firstly, Understanding of the problem at hand and being detailed to the client’s requirements. Secondly, defining the scope of the works clearly and placing the right price. Finally, getting the scopes of the works agreed into writing. In this way, the project manager will always be in a good position to deliver the best UI to his or her client without any failures.


Affordance: Happens when a specific controls response as the appearance suggests it.
Animation: this is as a result of the movement by the quick movement of the images in a specific sequence.
Scope Creep: Increase that occurs on the scope in a snowball effect-like rate
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Code that shows how the HTML elements are displayed in the external style sheets. It enables a person to be in a position to change the layout and appearance of the pages in the Web

Discussion Questions:

In designing the user interface, what are the key things to consider? What if you miss one, what can you do?
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What are the principles to be considered for user interface design?

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