Definition essay samples

Quality is defined as the achievement provision of the customers taste and then satisfaction. The survival of the business is by consistency of high quality. Customer then gains the confidence with the product thus satisfaction (Conti, 2003). This is the only way to attain and retain the customer.

The quality building

There are five keys ways for quality building. To begin with is the philosophy of continuous improvement whereby improvement of productivity and the quality makes the cost to reduce. In addition, it increases the customer’s satisfaction. This leads to a long term profit because this improvement is meant for long lasting. It requires the involvement of the employees and customers for the deserved quality to be attained.
The second factor to consider is the consistency in everything done to attain the desired quality. This is achieved by doing all the operation in the same manner in each every time the operation is to be carried out. This is eased by having the set procedures and ensuring they are adhered in every time the operation is being undertaken. Thirdly, teamwork being incorporated as part of the culture in the production, helps in the outsourcing the ideas on how to improve on the quality. The contribution is essential in the customer’s satisfaction.
The fourth factor is the measures and analysis that are carried out in a routine basis. They help in identifying the results from the customers. They provide information on how the improvement has to be conducted. Finally is training for all. The training and education to the employees should be undertaken regularly for them to understand what is targeted as the quality is concerned. In conclusion, quality of a product is not inspected but has to be built in it.


Conti, T. (2003). Building total quality : a guide for management. London: Chapman & Hal.