Defining woman and man essay

– What is a woman?
Since time immemorial, women have always been discriminated against man with a lot of the male sector thinking that women are the weaker gender. This may be true in the past when women were only relegated in the kitchen and at home to take care of the household. However, considering the changes happening in the world today, is there still a hint of truth to this claim?
In recent years, women have successfully gone out of the shell that covers their strengths and weaknesses. Apart from giving life to the next generation, women now go for what they believe in. They have convictions, are go-getters, and can work their way to the top of the corporate world alongside men. As they go up the corporate ladder, women still try to balance their family life with work. Though it proves to be a difficult job, women still find ways to perform their roles as mother, wife, and homemaker.
– What is a man?
Men have always been associated with strength and stability. They finish their education and find work in order to prepare for a life where their role is to provide food and shelter for the family. They also act as the disciplinarian in the family, the one who makes the final decisions.
However, just as women’s roles in the family and the corporate world are changing, men’s roles are also transforming. From the corporate world, some men now prefer either to stay at home to work from home or to perform the role of househusband, while women focus in making a career of their own.
In both situations, man and woman trade places as they perform the roles that the other used to do. And yet, despite the circumstance, in the end, they still seek and go back to their original roles before the switch.