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For more details, call or text Riva Galveztan at +63 917 834 3745 or e-mail[email protected]com Do you feel… • • • • • • • • • • • Heart broken? Frustrated with relationships? Traumatized from your previous relationships? You attract the “ wrong” kind of people? Exhausted about your past loves? Confused about what to do on your next relationship? Anxious about loving someone again? Your love life is zero? It’s so tough to find “ The One”? As if you’ve lost hope looking for the right person? You have no other option? We want to help you… • • • • • Attract the “ best” people for you Get to know yourself in a more meaningful way Reflect on how you can further improve yourself Find out what you truly want for yourself and what you want in your future partner Paint a picture of the person you want to be with Define the profile of the partner (1) you want; and (2) what suits you based on experience Save time by pre-screening potential partners Build a harmonious, sustainable, and well-thought of relationship that may lead to a mutually satisfying and genuinely happy marriage • • We believe that… You should never “ settle for less” in any relationship • You deserve to be with the “ best” person for you • You are unique in your own way; there is surely someone out there who will appreciate you for who you are • You have to learn to love yourself before even thinking about learning to love others • You need to know what you’re getting into before finally committing to it • You have to understand your patterns of behavior, thinking, etc in order to project your desired image that will attract the person you are looking for • You should never lose hope in your quest to find “ The One”

Why CUSTOMIZE? • Save time and effort • Avoid having to deal with heartbreaking shocking moments (things you never knew about your partner that you have to know anyway) • Know what’s best for you • Understand what you’re going through • Go for quality not quantity The Concept OUR “ DATEBASE” Customized Dating Introduction Yes! YEs Yes! Customized Dating is like your friend who will introduce you to another friend from its DATEBASE (with both parties’ consent). Basic Criteria to get in the OUR DATEBASE* • • • • • • • • •

Must be at least 21 years old Must be Male or Female Must be legally single; If married either annulled or widowed Must be referred by someone we know (no walk-ins) Must go through Steps 1-3 but has to successfully pass the prescreening and actual screening standards No cougars and dirty old men No one night stands, no random flings No hidden agenda to sell products and/or services No fraudulent individuals, scammers, and the like *We have the right to reject applications should the applicant fail to meet the standards set for the pre-screening phase.

Rejected applications are not eligible for Step 3 and beyond. Getting Started: Pre-Screening • Step 1: Answer the Basic Info Sheet • As part of the initial assessment process, you have to fill out our Basic Information Sheet, which serves as our reference and your application form. • Instructions: Please don’t leave anything blank unless it’s not applicable. Indicate N/A accordingly. • Save the file as a Word 1997-2003 Document or as PDF. • The required format for the file name is [Last Name, First Name Middle Initial-Date Accomplished (mm/dd/yyyy)] Please send to[email protected]om ? • All the information in this form shall be kept confidential. We shall immediately send you an official confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement once you have sent your form. Getting Started: Pre-Screening • Step 2: Answer Tests for Evaluation • Answer the following tests online: • TEST A: http://www. humanmetrics. com/cgi-win/jtypes2. asp • TEST B: http://www. 5lovelanguages. com/assessments/personal- profiles/apology/ • TEST C: http://www. 5lovelanguages. com/assessments/personalprofiles/? profiletype= singles • TEST D: http://www. intelliscript. et/test_area/questionnaire/questionnaire. cgi • TEST F: http://www. lifesupplemented. org/my_wellness_scorecard • Save the results using the Print Screen function. Save as JPEG or PNG. If you have no idea how to do this, please contact us immediately. • The required format for the file name is [Test A-Last Name, First Name Middle Initial-Date Accomplished (mm/dd/yyyy)]. Please send to[email protected]com ? Getting Started: Pre-Screening • Step 3: Schedule anInterview• If you pass Step 1 and 2, you will have to schedule an interview with one of our Customized Dating experts. Indicate preferred dates/weeks of the year as well as the preferred time of interview. The actual time, date, and venue will be subject to the expert’s availability. • Interview will last for at least 1 hour to 1. 5 hours maximum. • Skype interviews can be scheduled only for those who live outside of Metro Manila, assuming the applicant has passed the pre-screening standards. This is for special cases only. • Please take note that during the interview, we will be taking photos and recording a one minute video clip of you for file purposes and for the reference of the client upon request.

Getting Started: Pre-Screening GOOD NEWS! • Steps 1-2 are free (All you need are 1. computer; 2. internet connection) • Step 3 has a minimal fee of PHP 999 (discounted from the usual PHP 1, 500 rate) for the Customized Dating expert who will be of service to you. • This fee also includes “ I’ve Been Dating… Now What? ” which is your personal handbook to dating. (Written by foremost relationship expert Maribel Sison-Dionisio & husband Dr. Allan Dionisio) • In short, as long as you meet the standards, getting into OUR DATEBASE won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In order to make this work, you have to invest YOUR TIME sincerely answering the form and truthfully answering the questions during the interview. Moving Forward: Actual Screening and Assessment • Step 4: Interview with the Expert • During this step, our Customized Dating Expert together with our Customized Dating Facilitator will ask questions to: 1. Help you assess yourself based on the Basic Info Sheet 2. Help you process what kind of partner is be best for you 3.

Clarify/explain further what’s written on the Basic Info Sheet Aside from this, they shall also discuss the meaning, consequences, and/or implications of the information submitted; as well as the results of the tests answered. Rest assured that your answers to Steps 1 & 2 have been evaluated prior to the interview. Moving Forward: Actual Screening and Assessment • Step 5: Define your type/profile • The objective at the end of the interview is to be able to synergize what you desire and what we think is best for you based on the assessment and exchange of information. As a result of the healthy discussion, such synergy is expected to result to your specific type/profile you are looking for in a future partner or someone you seriously want to date. • Should there be further reflection needed beyond the parameters of the interview to come up with such result, we shall ask you to come for another interview. Customized Dating Mode: Flexible Package Options • Step 6: Option to choose a package • At this point, you have the option to go to the next level which is to complete the Customized Dating Program.

To do so, you can choose among the following introductory packages: *GIFT IDEA: Your barkada can give this as a gift to one of your single friends* • ONE UNIQUE DATE Call or text for rates • THREE UNIQUE DATES Call or text for rates • FIVE UNIQUE DATES Call or text for rates • All dates are inclusive of: • Standard Customized Dating Services (pre-screening, assessment, interview, data management, and evaluation) •Foodand Drinks (limited) with partner establishments in Metro Manila • Transportation services within Metro Manila • Your own Customized Dating Facilitator on-call during the dates • Consult with our Customized Dating expert anytime within the dating period Note: Step 3 fees are waived once any of the packages is availed of. Customized Dating Mode: Matching & Exploration Period • Step 7: Look for the profile requested • This period may take at least 15 days or longer depending on the profile you are looking for. • During this period, the Customized Dating team shall look into its DATEBASE as well as research through other networks in case the profile you’re looking for has yet to be included in our DATEBASE. • The Customized Dating team will (by default) make sure he/she goes through the standard process. • We want to give you the quality you asked for, so please bear with us with the time period set. Customized Dating Mode: Presentation of Potential Dates Step 8: Select the Actual Dates • For this step, you will have to visit any of our designated stations for proper selection of dates. We shall discuss with you the profile of the potential dates. Prior to selecting, you may: • ViewPhoto/s • Do you like how he/she looks? Do you find him/her attractive? • Watch the One Minute Video Interview • Do you like the way he/she talks? The way he/she carries him/herself? • Browse through details from the Basic Information Sheet on file • Is there anything you would want to know about him/her that we have not previously covered in any of our discussions? Customized Dating Mode: Final Selection of Dates • Step 9: Confirm the Dates Now that you’ve viewed the profile of the potential dates and have selected your preference/s, we will ask you to sign a CONFIRMATION FORM that confirms your commitment to show up on the dates you’ve scheduled with us. Should you feel that more time is needed to choose, please do not sign the CONFIRMATION FORM yet. Once you sign this form, there is no turning back. • • Sign the CONFIRMATION FORM when you’re 100% sure. Aside from our desire to provide you with the service that you expect, we do want you to get what you’re paying for. Customized Dating Mode: The Thought translated into Action • Step 10: Meet the Date/s • During the actual date/s itself, a Customized Dating facilitator will personally accompany you to introduce you to your chosen date/s. Should you have any questions or concerns during that time, feel free to get in touch with your Customized Dating facilitator who would be more than willing to assist you anytime. Your Customized Dating facilitator will be in charge of paying the bill. • A post-evaluation will be conducted by your Customized Dating facilitator within three (3) days after the actual date. Should you not be satisfied with your date for no valid reason, there are no refunds since you have already sufficient information to decide beforehand if the person you are meeting is likely to be desirable for you or not. If you don’t want to go 1-on-1, go for The HOLIDATES Adventure • About: An alternative program for getting to know/bonding with the potential dates (all from OUR DATEBASE – LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL ).

Whoever wants to be part of this still has to go through the basic steps before they can be part of this fun program. • Objective: To get to know the potential dates through fun activities that test each one’s character and ways of approaching various situations • Ideal group size: 20 people, equal number of men and women • Duration of Holidates: 4 days/3 nights (int’l); 3 days/2 nights (local) • Local Destinations: Palawan, Cebu, Davao, Boracay, Bohol • International Destinations (Southeast Asia): Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta • Price of packages: Case-to-case, will vary depending on destination and number of participants • Dates covered: To be announced

Friends who want to refer • Earn 10 points for every friend referred who successfully gets in OUR DATEBASE • The points can eventually be used as credits to avail of our products and services as well as future affiliates • Friends who want to refer other friends have to sign the “ I vouch for my friend” contract. • This is to ensure that friends are really referring friends they know on a certain level offriendship• This is to confirm that friends referring friends must be willing to answer questions about their friends • This is to further filter out scammers, fraudulent individuals, and anyone with evil intentions. Additional Tools for Validation JUST IN CASE! We have established a tie-up with a credible investigation agency in case there is a need to validate the character of an individual in OUR DATEBASE. • This service shall be performed upon the request of the client and with the consent of the one being requested. • The additional fees are as follows: • Lie Detection Test Call or text for rates • Background Investigation Call or text for rates • Prices may vary if outside of Metro Manila or out of the country. LIMITED LIABILITY ADVISORY • For everyone’s safety and security, we are responsible for doing the “ background check” on each person who sends their information to our database. We have the right to ask for other requirements relevant to this screening process.

We also have the right to turn down individuals to be part of the database if they are not serious about their application or if their qualifications do not meet our standards. • At the end of the initial assessment phase, we would like to make sure that you are able to get to know yourself in a more meaningful way and that we are able to introduce you to the kind of person/s you are looking for/you prefer to hang out with. This will highly depend on your full cooperation filling out the Basic Information Sheet, answering the tests, and your willingness to open up during the interview. • We cannot promise a “ perfect” match for you because the definition of such is subjective. It all depends on your perspective and how you manage your expectations.

Please take note that what happens after the first date/introduction is beyond our control, we cannot be held liable for this. In short, please don’t blame us if you don’t end up together, or if the date was not as exciting as you think it should have been. • Having gone through the initial assessment, the interview, and the choosing of options, you have a concrete idea of what you’re getting into. There is no assurance that you will instantly get into a romantic relationship with whoever we’ll be introducing. The level of “ chemistry”, the “ spark” between you two, and the kind of attraction between you and your preferred date is something we cannot dictate or impose on you.