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Yesterday at the stroke of midnight a series of tragic events came to a closing when Othello, Venire’s most eminent and respected Moorish general, killed himself in his wife’s bedchamber after smothering the young belle– none other than Venire’s coveted Desman–with a pillow. According to several witnesses of the bloody suicide, the mentally tormented general was under the notion that Desman had been illicitly tipping his first-in-command, Michael

Cassia, a lie fed to him by the ironically misnamed ” Honest Sago. ” Sago, the villain responsible for the murder of his own wife as well as a Venetian gentleman, has been taken by Cyprian officials for questioning and possible torture. However, it is known that he orchestrated a plan to create conflict between General Othello and Lieutenant Cassia surrounding Desman that he hoped would result in the death of both Cassia and the lady. Witnesses to the blood bath describe the scene gravely and painfully. ” l walked Into the room and there was Othello, with his wife Desman slain on the bed.

It was really shocking. Her face was very pale, and though she was evidently dead, it seemed she was trying to say something,” says Granting. Another witness describes Othello suicide with great distress. ” He was very calm, but there was a wondrous rage in his face, like a monster. I had never seen him like that before. He took his sword and drove It Into his chest before anyone could stop him. ” The only survivor of the discord Is Lieutenant Cassia, who suffered a major Injury In his leg from Sago’s sword. When asked whether he was ever Involved with lady

Desman, Cassia responded, ” We were dear friends, and It pains me greatly that she is gone. But we never shared more than the touching of hands or a brief brush on the shoulder. As for the man who caused this, I will see to It that he pays for his cruelty with his own suffering. ” A funeral will be held In three days near the town square. Mourners are welcome, Including former suitors of Desman. Michael Cassia asks that all that attend bring memorabilia of the lost ones such as locks of hair, clothing, letters, or embroidered handkerchiefs.