Customer complaint essay


Contact Number
7601 Penn Ave. S

Richfield, MN 55423

Re: Damaged Item
Dear Sir:
I am writing this letter to inform you that I had received the AGPtek – USB Wireless Remote Pointer Control PowerPoint Presentation Presenter with Laser Pointer in a timely manner. However, the item has scratches and the back cover is broken. I would be using the remote pointer in my next business presentation and it is very uncomfortable and utterly inconvenient to use a remote without a back cover. While I am frustrated with the damaged item that you shipped, I also recognize the possibility that such damage was not intentional and may be due to the natural wear and tear that is caused by shipping and handling.
I would like to arrange a return shipment and require you to reimburse the shipping charge of the item. Also, I would be needing the item on July 24, 2015 so please make sure to expedite the shipping of the replacement without me having to pay an extra.
I look forward to your prompt response. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through my mobile. Thank you.

Letter of Interest

Baker Creative
325 Main St. Groveport,

Ohio, OH 43125

(614) 286-2254

July 20, 2015

Baker Creative
Administrative Department
The Hiring Manager
George Wade
Dear Mr. Wade:
I have read your department’s posting about an open position for Account Planning Manager at the Planning Department and I would like to apply for the job. I am (Your Full Name), the current Senior Account Executive coordinating and managing all client projects from their planning to completion.
I have been working for Baker Creative’s Account Management Department for four years and have a vast experience in developing solid and long term business relationships with existing clients, as well as executing strategies in acquiring new clients. My job also includes providing daily training for the support staff and building positive relationships with different media outlets-both national and local.
My experience as a Sr. Account Executive have honed my ability in negotiating and motivating employees to meet each client’s goal while assisting them in developing new strategies to win prospect clients. These abilities give me the edge to handle the position of Account Planning Manager as this position requires leadership experience.
I am always excited to explore new and challenging opportunities within the company and it would be a privilege to be a part of the Planning Department. I would appreciate an interview at your office to discuss any possibility at any time you are convenient. You can contact me at my extension 34567 or thru my email

Thank you so much.


Restaurant Mishap

Olympus House Restaurant
45 Raleigh Street, Boston

Massachusetts, MA 02116

July 20, 2015

NBC News

35 Blagden Street, Boston

Massachussetts, MA 02116

Dear Sir:
Please consider this letter as the company’s official statement about the recent case of food hazard in our restaurant that happened yesterday July 19, 2015. Our sincere apologies to all our customers who ate the garlic-rosemary steak containing a mishandled ingredient. We already investigated on the matter with the help of FDA and found out that the meat from one of our suppliers was contaminated. The Olympus House takes full responsibility of this matter and is currently taking corrective steps. We apologize for the damage that it had caused and we promise to take care of the hospitalization of those affected.
We understand that no apology can compensate the inconvenience, frustration, and discomfort that you have experienced. This is an utterly saddening circumstance because the Olympus House was established in order to serve good food that will satisfy all of our customers. We know that we had failed to deliver this promise.
We want to inform our valued customers that we are taking immediate steps to eliminate these cases in the future and regain their confidence. We will strictly collaborate with the local food inspection authority to ensure that all ingredients from our suppliers are safe. We have put an extensive plan in order to provide better foods and improved food hygiene procedures.
Sincerely Yours,

CEO, Olympus House

Internal Proposal
Paxton Publishing Group
25 Post Road East, WestportConnecticut, CT 6881Telephone: +1 2 53/334 8976Fax: 250 9876
July 20, 2015

The Supervisor

Margarette Evans
Re: Developing a Paper Reduction Policy
Dear Ms. Evans:
I am writing this letter to propose a paper-reduction program within our company. I noticed that everyday there are a lot of printed papers that are left unclaimed. Aside from being non-environment friendly, this office practice also cost the company more money.
Reducing the company’s paper use would save the company money, as well as save the environment. This program can include different policies such as the use of email, instead of paper in writing internal memos, avoidance of printing emails unless it is utterly necessary and reuse of draft papers that are only printed on one side. We can provide employees with recycle containers where they can store one-sided printed papers to make them readily available for next printing. The company can also provide half-sheets for memos with shorter content. We can also post reminders in every desk and copy machines asking the employees if they really need to print the document and using other catchy slogans that highlight the imporatance of conserving paper. Distribution lists should also be reviewed frequently so that unnecessary or outdated recipient emails can be deleted.
Excessive paper use within the company is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately. I hope that you would give my proposal utmost consideration. Thank you so much.