Culture of fear

The paper ” Culture of Fear” is a worthy example of a research paper on sociology. The program that I have chosen is “ Fear Factor”. This program airs on AXN and, it is hosted by famous Joe Rogan. This program is unique as it blends entertainment with highly fearful stunts that have to be performed by novice participants. Each participant goes through a series of task based on the thing they fear most. For example, people who fear insects will be given a task of either putting them on their head, or it may even go the extent where they will put the insects they fear most in their mouths. The show’s format starts out with a physical challenge in which the participants either have to jump from a dizzying height or either they have explored watery depths. After this, they go into the ” gross-out” challenge in which these participants either have to eat something which is placed in a box full of lizards or some other disgusting insects. Most of the tasks that are given require bravery and depends upon how these people fight their fear. At the end of the show, the last person standing wins the episode and these people get lucrative prizes. The philosophy behind this show is that their producers want people to experience their fears, first hand, and according to them, it is the only thing that will help them get rid of them. Thought, this program may look brainless, silly and ridiculous in some cases, but it sure does test the nerves of people who go through these tasks and helps them to meet their fear first hand and eventually get rid of it.