Culture in america essay


Arguably, culture is a term with different types of meaning. According to some scholars it refers to a way of appreciating people’s way of life. It concerns a wide range of behavior patterns in which human beings learn. This includes food, literature art and music. It is a very powerful and complex human tool that he employees for survival. Culture is always changing; furthermore it is lost so easily this is so because its existence is in our minds. Every society in the world has a culture; in most cases it gives one an identity, ( Trachtenberg, 1997). Each society believes that their culture is superior as compared to other cultures. The all scenario of culture is relative. People find it so difficult to adjust to a new culture that is so different from what they know better. Culture shock is a normal feeling when we move to a country that is foreign. Despite all this human beings undergo different phases so as to adjust and learn the new culture.
Culture in USA is all about western culture; it is influenced drastically by the cultures in Europe. Immigration of different people from different nation to USA makes it difficult to clearly understand American culture. It includes liberal and conservatism elements, political structures, moral and materialistic elements, free expression and risk taking, scientific and military competitiveness, (Campbell, 1997). As a sociologist the term nacirema is very important in tying to examine the behavior and society of American people.
The issue of culture became more interesting on landing in the U. S. A. American culture puts one is much difficulties, this is because its complex to describe it as only one unit. Culture has so many aspects. Most prominent American cultures include language, religion, family, music, art freedom and education. Language is one of the most unique aspects of culture in this society. There are many people with different cultures, language being one of it. Therefore each one of them speaks English as their second language. The immigrants has made America a bilingual country, hence it is very difficult for visitors to communicate the only option is to learn English and other native languages, (Trachtenberg, 2007).
Family is another aspect in American culture. In most countries in the world family is so wide. Individuals could be identified very closely to the wider family. In American the nuclear family structure is what exists. To aliens it is a unique thing and it is always misunderstood. Importance of family in America is to ensure that every member of the family is happy. They adhere to love and respect to each member of the nuclear family. To me the issue of nuclear family seems to assert selfishness. In right to happiness in the family is very confusing this is because in most cases it causes disagreement between parents and children. In my culture it is a sigh of disrespect to parents and lack of total love, (Lanier, 2005). In America it was seen as simply a way of developing independence. The families welcome visitors for maybe dinner or any activities in the family. The hosts tell them to feel at home yet the hosts seem to go on with their normal activities. Freedom is what is important, therefore when visitors are in they don’t change their characters, it is the responsibility of the foreigner to adjust and fit them.
Americans value their privacy so much. This aspect makes it very difficult for aliens to make friendship. There is only hello and they don’t go beyond that. In my society people are very friendly in fact to visitors, in America it’s all about individualism. Individualism is valued by many Americans, (Campbell, 1997). They believe that the successfulness of American society in inventions and innovations is all about self-sufficiency. Despite all the difference in culture we should learn to embrace ones culture and clearly understand our diversity of culture. Diversity of cultures should make us be close rather than separate people in the world.


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