Critical evaluation of a website essay example


Trident official web pages in the internet are very resourceful in providing information about the various aspects of the university. It provides one with a clear picture of the University’s academic history and the major achievements of the university. From the president’s blog, one can easily understand the university’s mission and vision as well as the major developments taking place in the institution. It offers a detailed look at the various academic programs offered by the university, accompanied by the academic qualifications and fees for the prospective programs.
What I find to be very resourceful to prospective students is the information on the courses offered at the university. The website gives an in-depth analysis of every department and the courses that each department offers. The website also gives reasons as to why prospective students should join the university, citing the various benefits that accrue to students in the university. This web resource saves prospective students time and money since one does not have to physically present him or herself to the university in order to get an application form. The websites provides application forms that can be downloaded and also offers guidelines on feeling the application forms.
Accompanying the courses is information on fees required and opportunities such as sponsorships that exist for students at the Trident University.
However, I think Trident can improve on online academic services provided to students. The university should think of incorporating a timetable for all students. An online time table on the lectures and exams will help students to manage their time better and adequately prepare for lectures and exams. The website majorly concentrates on academics. I would recommend an equally detailed look at the extra-curriculum programs at the university.


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