Course work on project definition

The project entails a training that would be carried out for people from different parts of the country. For this case, the project would be a bigger one and would therefore require adequate preparations for the same. The project will require that the project coordinator ensure that the training will go on smoothly.

Project scope

The project entails ensuring all the people are well catered for. It will ensure that all levels of literacy are well taken care of. In this case, the project will start with preparation of the training venue. The preparation of the training venue will be taken care of by the training administrators and b the cleaning personnel. After the cleaning is done, the training venues will be arranged. It will take approximately an hour. The setting up of the equipment will then follow so that the training material and the training equipment like the overhead projectors are right in place when the training is started. It will require that the equipment are well tested and be assured of working (Harrison, & Lock, 2004).
After all the preparations are done, there will be the need to start the training session. The training will be started with a welcome and a word of prayer by eth project lead.
There are five training sessions who will be facilitated by the five trainers and their assistants . each-training session will last approximately two hours. The whole training will take two days. Most of the activities will take place in the first sessions.

Detailed project products

1. Gantt Chart

2. Project budget
The project budget and cost will be based on the rate that each of the participants is given per hour. Therefore, the total cost will be derived from adding all the hours and multiplying by the hours that each will be required to work.

3. Resource sheet


The project is expected to take approximately two days. All the details and the plan of the project are shown in the project products. It is expected that the trainees be all in the same level where they will not be required to be in ranks.


Harrison, D., & Lock, J. (2004). Advanced project management: A structured approach‎. Illinois: Gower Publishing, Ltd.