Conflict of parents and teens

The most common issue in our world today is the conflict between parents and teenagers. However, it is more than just conflict. What was once a sort of a “ B. F. F.” relationship is now sour and bitter; full of arguments and sometimes fights! The arguing becomes an everyday thing and the parent nor is the child able to prevent it. It becomes natural to both. With that in mind, yes it is conflict, but it’s not forever; just temporary.

Ask yourself a question about the situation… Why are the teenage years more difficult with parents? Well, simply because the teenage years are when teens seek identity and parents majority come in-between it. In the present time, 13 years old is when everything goes downhill for the relationship. We start becoming more rebellious, the “ back-talking” starts, conflict problems with other teens, wanting to be independent and unfortunately its good-bye to the video games and hello to the parties! All of this at only age 13. Can you imagine what the next 5 years will be?

When a person reaches his or her physical maturity, there is also a change in your mental state as well as physical. We mature much earlier now days. There is no longer a match between our demand for independence, and our ability to actually be independent! Our teenage bodies and minds are screaming ” I am ready to be independent! I want to make my own decisions! I want to be my own boss!” Your parents and society are screaming back at you, ” You are not ready to be independent yet! You have not learned what you need to know yet! You cannot support yourself! You do not yet fully understand the dangers in this world! You are not grown!” . . . . And in the end they are right. We struggle with this unnatural situation.


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