Conflict in the film essay example

IntroductionIn a person’s life there are many conflicts that occur, such conflicts are prone to occur in the persons environment and are stimulated by many factors. A barrier with language is one of them, which is a central one. Chief conflict issues are caused by the occurrence of language barrier problems, in relationships and even between friends. It would be very difficult to communicate with a person who does not speak or understand your language; there would be a miscommunication between two parties. In the film Spanglish, it is evident that this is the main conflict issue that transpires.
The families featured in the Spanglish movie experienced a culture shock amongst themselves that had been because of language barrier. It is common for anyone to have such kind of experience especially in a new environment. The families consisted of a mother who was a Mexican and her two kids. In search for better life both her and her children, the woman used to travel from Mexico to Los Angeles. The woman becomes a housekeeper for a chef and his family, after arriving in California. The act of the woman not knowing how to speak English totally, resulted to a conflict, thus when Flor spoke her daughter had to translate.
Because the Moreno family spoke little English, the Clasky Family had to be patient in adaptation and also in terms of communication. Moreover, on the other hand the Moreno family was also to be patient and consider the Clasky family when speaking English. Being thoughtful of the current situation will aid evade some of the conflict that would happen because of the language obstacle between the two families (Brooks, 2004). Although there existed two unlike types of language obstacles inside the house, the clash can be with no trouble fixed. The Clasky family might get to understand Spanish if they are not by now fluent. Moreover, Flor could enroll for English classes, to help her speak the language better. In order to prevent conflict for a family like the Clasky, two things could be considered. The Clasky’s could organize a circumstantial evaluation of families that are being employed as a housekeeper to search for evidence like their beliefs, and he kind of language they are fluent with before letting an extra family of a unalike culture in their household for employment. Her daughter Flor would be of very good help in assisting her mother look for future working places, having people who would understand her language (Brooks, 2004).
With all the language conflict between the two families, it is evident that the Spanglish film was fascinating a lot and entertaining to watch. In spite of the two families conflicting over language, I enjoyed watching the movie. Until each language is learnt between two people, constant conflicts are prone to occur often. I think that it is a good learning experience when one interacts with other cultures. However if a family of another culture will pay homage more study should be conducted. This will decrease conflicts expected from people of other origin and lessen the stress in communication. In addition, not to be bias but I could suggest that the Clasky’s could have also searched for employers who of a culture whose English was clear and fluent.


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