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Computer Rage

In today’s world, computers are becoming more relevant than ever before. With this comes hardtack. Anyone who uses computers must experience some sort of frustration at some time. There is really no way around it. This may include all or some of the error messages, unanticipated results because of the software, or having a computer just freeze up for no apparent reason.

Since anyone who uses a computer can experience these problems, there comes a price – immense frustration. This frustration can turn into anger, which in turn becomes rage. Whether it is acted rage or built up rage, it must some how be vented. Either way this becomes cumbersome to the user, so much that this becomes computer rage.

The reason why people may become upset at their computer is due to lack of patience. This is why reactions to computer problems can be more extreme than with other tools they may use. People today just don’t have the patience for anything. Since people are starting to spend more time in front of computers than doing physical research, the blame for frustration must be put on something. This something just happens to be the computer. For this reason, I believe that computer problems make people angrier than with other tools. For instance, there is an art to being a mechanic. A mechanic must posses some level of patience. If the person using the computer does not posses patience, they will flip out in a rage of fury. This kind of action cannot happen in a place of business. It’s bad for the other employees, not to mention the customers. You would not let a certain shop work on your vehicle if you seen a mechanic cursing and swearing, Would you?

For this reason you must posses some patience. To overcome this, you should just walk away calmly and take a deep breath. Do something else to take you mind of the present problem at hand. When you feel calmed downed and more relaxed, go back to the computer with a different mindset. Usually, this will solve your problem. When you come back to your computer, you may see things in a totally different light and your problem will be cured. You may see something that you didn’t see before and it was right in front of you. This does happen and it can happen to you.

In conclusion, I do believe that computer problems make people angrier than using other tools. This is because more and more people are around computers, and this takes away some of the time that is usually spent with other tools, or the so called “ me” time. Also, the main cause is that people just don’t have the patience to deal with it. Individuals can reduce their frustration while dealing with computer failures by just walking away and taking a deep breath and have a personal timeout to relax their minds.

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