Common law world review

Response Paper Common Law World Review Chan, Raymond & John, Kong. Disclosure of Directors Personal Information in Hong Kong.( Common Law World Review 2014.)
Raymond & Kong participated in the drafting of the common laws in Hong Kong. In the above book, they explain how the Chinese government has tightened the rules especially on laws concerning accessibility to some of the residential places while carrying out reforms to the public ordinance. They also clarify that restrictions including verification of passports and the national identification numbers has been mainly instigated after the United Kingdom and Australian protests perceived to be also part of the umbrella of the revolution protest. From the book, it has also been explained how media is in strong opposition from the Hong Kong’s government and some of the professional institutions. Moreover, Raymond & Kong explain that it is within the interest of the government of Hong Kong to come up with the corporate laws that seek to restrict transformation of the state. However, it has failed to notice some of the differences that may come up with the local situation.
The above book has been applied to illustrate the unwillingness of the Hong Kong’s government to embrace prodemocracy approach. Besides, the book has been used to clarify that, the decision to protest for Leung to consult the society concerning aspects of the election is misplaced. Instead, the government visualizes the negative impacts of the revolution as a substantial damage to the economy. According to Raymond & Kong book, presence of the union to help in the fight for democracy has not brought much positive effect because the rights of most workers in Hong Kong are still unrecognized to date.