Combining nurse leader with advocacy essay sample


Managers play a pertinent role in making the delivery of health care services effective and efficient. In fact, nurse managers are influential in the modern healthcare sector because of their immediate impacts on the services and care provided to patients of families across the entire healthcare sector. Essentially, as managers, nurses are required to spearhead the changes in health care just as they should fulfil their daily duties.

Personal and professional accountability

The maintenance of ongoing professional achievement and competence as a nurse is enshrined under the personal and professional accountability section in the code of ethics. Essentially, professional accountability and personal growth in nursing entails ones own conduct in a manner that is self- rewarding. Often, competence has effects on self-esteem, professional status and the meaningfulness of work. On the evaluation scale, I can describe myself as competent. in my profession as a nurse, my professional and personal strengths drive my daily endeavors. The moral life of self-respect, respect for others, honesty, and kindness have helped me to sail through the complex and dynamic healthcare delivery system. Obviously, personal values are my personal strengths. Professionally, my strengths include the ability to relate well with colleagues, active participation in inclusive decision-making and respect for patients’ own rights to self-determination. In addition, my continued effort in education has served to place me in a better position and enhanced my professional competence and accountability. However, I face weakness that threatens my accountability. For instance, feelings of sympathy and acceptance of some decisions that I do not personally ascribe to has been a major weakness on my part. Moreover, in some cases I encounter great challenges in research activities because of the busy schedule in the hospital.

Career planning

The nursing profession can be analyzed through three broad perspectives in terms of career planning. Essentially, the three categories include understanding the current job, knowledge of the future and positioning oneself in a career path. Often, for successful career planning, it is pertinent that a nurse is informed about opportunities in the nursing profession. In essence, opportunity awareness involves employment of research and networking skills in finding current opportunities and evaluating future options. Personally, I am competent in terms of having a comprehensive understanding of my current roles, and this is one of my strengths. In terms of job positioning, I have undertaken various courses in order to improve my expertise as a nurse. The nursing profession is coupled with the dynamism, a fact that motivates me to study to higher levels in order to remain relevant. However, some weaknesses on my part continue to be my challenges in career. Usually, I am quiet, and some of my colleagues mistaken me for being impolite. Moreover, I always try to be perfect and in the process fail in meeting deadlines in my line of duty.

Personal journey disciplines

In an attempt to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, I always identify areas where my competence is highest. Occasionally, my colleagues describe me as skillful, creative and tactful in making tedious and repetitive tasks become time saving solutions. Similarly, the ability to adapt into a new environment is another strength I have. Usually, this strength gives me the flexibility I need to work with people of different levels.
My major weaknesses in personal journey disciplines cannot be underestimated. In fact, I have a challenge in dealing with criticism. Throughout my career, I have learned that it is advisable to learn from criticism instead of letting it hurt my feelings.

Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

As a nurse, I adore my profession and the values that govern it. Moreover, I have personal values that I follow in order to sail smoothly in my profession. Colleagues tell me that holding the truth is one of my strengths. In fact, being truthful has helped me to gain trust among the hospital staff, a situation that has helped me to coordinate activities in the institution with much ease. in addition, I always keep on trying to do new things and involving others in my endeavors. This has made me discover my potential and helped others to discover their capabilities.
However, weakness has been intolerance to varied perspectives on issues before decision-making. Usually, I do my duties to achieve perfection, and I get discouraged when my colleagues efforts do not follow suit.

Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace

Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your implementation plan to achieve that goal
I would like to improve my listening skills. My implementation plan entails two phases. First, I will embrace the spirit of being attentive and avoid being preoccupied with my personal thoughts. Secondly, I would demonstrate that I value what others say through verbal on non- verbal means. in order to evaluate my progress in achieving my goal; I will let others evaluate me.


Managers play a pertinent role in making the delivery of health care services effective and efficient. Therefore, as managers, nurses are required to spearhead the changes in health care just as they should fulfil their daily duties.


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