Cold war of vietnam assignment

Chinese invasion of southeast asia Cold War Of Vietnam Loretta L. Richardson Troy University Anthropology 2200 Susan E. Pappas, Ph. D. October 30, 2011 Cold War Of Vietnam Today in America the question still come to the minds of many of the American people. How did the American soldiers’ view the war and was it a mission that was necessary to protect the people of the United States Of America. Most servicemen would say yes to this question and these are the servicemen that supported the U. S. overnment’s decision to become involved in the Vietnam war. The United States government claim that there was a great deal of communism in Southeast Asia and the ” American soldiers’ believed that they were fighting to stop the spread of communism. On the other hand some of the servicemen felt that the war was not necessary and they were not ecstatic about being forced to participate in a deadly battle that claimed 58 thousand American soldiers lives many soldiers opposed of this war.

They felt deceived by the U. S. government and even thought that their morals were detested because some of the young soldiers’ did not have a clue why they were fighting this cold bloody battle. As a man goes out to fight for his country they are going to have different views on how each serviceman examine his feelings toward a conflict that went on for 20 years the Communists against the anti- Communists.

The Communists involved China, Russia, and Viet Cong – the Vietnamese their rivals were South Vietnamese, America, Australia, French, and British etc…these countries were anti – Communists. The Vietnam War was won by the Communists millions of Vietnamese lives was lost as well as thousands of Americans lives, the least lives were taken during this war was the Australians.

The refugees was devastated by this loosing conflict and they begin to flee because they feared that the Communist would capture all that served alongside with the anti ??? Communist which were the navy, army, and the air force. If any of the servicemen was captured they were thrown into prison. Most of the South Vietnamese people were able to escape by boat in order to be able to provide and give their families a brighter future.

This was very dreadful for the South Vietnamese people because only a few people at a time could fit into the boats, the horrific thing about their escaping was if they were caught the Viet Cong would hold them captive or was ordered to shoot them to death. What ever happen to the people that were treated so unfair ( South Vietnamese) millions are dead, many of the people journey on to live in Australia living average lives.

Soldiers that served in the Vietnam war and the people that lived in South Vietnam that was unable to escape. For the ones that were hospitalized and wounded and was not fully recovered they were discharged only for them to be sent to prison and no one to care for their families. If the corrupt government of Viet Cong saw fit to release the soldiers’ back into the world they was to endure an environment that was unpleasant to live in the jungle.

They was not allowed to live in the city anymore. What happen to these people that served and fought in this cold bloody war? The veterans of the United States are admired for their outstanding achievement the Australian veterans highly favored and classified as national heroes for the Communist party they was considered saints by their own people. But the struggle for the South Vietnamese veterans still exist today.

Most people think that the soldiers of Vietnam that is living today are the real heroes because they fought so diligent and remained steadfast as they continued to be loyal in defending their country regardless of all the stress and danger that the Viet Cong government put them through. The people of Vietnam have been treated so unfair in the past and at this present time the United States did not hold up their end of the argain history tells us that our country have covered up their involvement in any wrong doing and that the crimes that the United States have committed during this era was unethical to the people of South Vietnamese. There have been evidence that the United States did engage in war crimes in Vietnam. Many young people that had knowledge of what role the United States References