Childhood is the happiest time in person’s life essay sample

Everyone has memory whether times are good or bad. It’s depend on how well you remember it. Some people love being child; Others enjoy their life when they grow up. Personally, I agree with the statement that childhood is the happiest time of person’s life. There are some points to support my opinion.

First reason is that people around you will treat you well cause of being child. Childhood in Older’s sight is the age which children can do anything what they want. For example, when children want to play on the mud with friends. Children just ask for permission from their parent. Even, parent say “ no” they do still go though. Parent only keep eyes on you and take cafe of you if child get trouble. Or, if children do something wrong. They won’t blame you but teach you instead. Parent always think child can learn from the mistake. That’s why children are not afraid to do or try anything new. Second, childhood is the time of life which has more freedom than adult’s. Children have free mind for learning everything surround them. They do not need to worry about the effect at all just do whatever they want. They do not need the reason why can or can not do this. And, that is why children enjoy every single moment of their life. Last but not least, Children have no responsibilities.

Of course, Adults do have many duties to be completed while children do not. Children do not need to do work after backing home or clean the dirty room which full of trash. Since you are adults, the more older the more responsibilities. You definitely have a lot of reponsibilities like taking care all member in family and fulfilling their need. So, that mean you need to make more money to satisfy them. You have to consider everything which could affect your life and family then.

But, the only thing that children know is playing with friends., making new friend is possibly hardest time for children becuase they never known each other and just meet for the first time. After feel familiar with, then they completely turn to be freinds together without pretending. In conclusion, some people may have the best time when they grow up just because they can make money by themselve. And, money can give them happiness. However, childhood is the period that we can never get back. It is the time which full of love, freedom and pleasure. It is much enough to say that “ childhood is the happinest time of a person’s life”