Character analysis: romeo and juliet

By the end of act 2 Romeo and Juliet have changed considerably from how they were first presented to us. By the end of Act 2, Romeo and Juliet have changed in different ways. It is not evident that the changes they have made are that considerable. Juliet becomes much more mature and less like a young girl. Romeo on the hand, doesn’t seem to have changed as much as Juliet. He does become more responsible and seemingly more mature, but his impulsive behaviour leads to his death. Romeo changes by the end of Act Two in the case of his maturity. He is first presented as a “ lovesick puppy” over Rosaline, although he hardly knew her. He states “ sad hours seem long” which shows him pining over Rosaline, whom he apparently ‘ loved’. When he attends the Capulets’ party however, he then claims to have fallen in love with Juliet. This shows that he is a rather “ fickle” character who perhaps doesn’t know the meaning of love. However by the end of Act Two, it seems that he remains firmly in love with Juliet, which shows that he has matured and no longer “ loves only with his eyes”. He also shows more courage and bravery to love Juliet no matter the consequences. His attitude towards his friends changes as well and he is no longer as crude and jovial as them. He shows a more serious outlook on life. Although he does perhaps mature as the play progresses, his immature and impulsive behaviour remains as it was before. This recklessness is what leads to his banishment and death. Juliet is first portrayed to us as mild-mannered and obedient. The images Shakespeare presents us are of Juliet as a young child who is very innocent. As the play progresses however, she is shown to be falling in love with Romeo. This shows that she is maturing and she is now portrayed as a young women and not a little girl. She also defies her parents in marrying Romeo which shows that she now changed from the mild, innocent girl that we first see. She is brave enough not to trust her Nurse after she “ betrayed” her. Her Nurse was previously her best friend and she had trusted her with everything, so the fact that she was able to lie to the nurse and defy her shows that she is no more strong-willed and independent. She advances from an dutiful child to a more mature woman who defies her parents and is braver by the end of act two. Throughout the play, the characters change in maturity and in their attitudes towards their parents and friends. Romeo and Juliet appear to love each other deeply and this is what makes them more mature, rebellious and strong-willed. Although they change in these ways, Romeo still remains impulsive and reckless and this leads to his downfall.