Chapter jack rabbit male).who would often would wear,black

Chapter 1. Murder creek as they can call it. I know a place on earth that my mind is so grisel about.(I hold this file in my hand, with a dark tone piano playing in the distance of my darker soul.

I feel the days of the earth began to fall in strange forms-I can not really know, if i’m dreaming something new(or something dark). I can realise the sickness it could bring to others, I know what a true pain it could bring into them. But it does not mean nothing but a sarcastic smile I grin with joy, as I murder a man-there no doubt to say or to kill about.

. . . . “ Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town.

Matthew 23: 34. At faintest whim they would impale the sun And thus the sheep in me became the wolf in man I am the fly that flew forth from the ark My thoughts like insects Whoring wounds divine Been bored with cosmos my dear old foe This universe has never been enough Compelled to liberate the spring ov life When the levee breaks gush forth o’ stream ov ice-Behemoth.   1872- 1965Hate is more than a word.

Love, is more than a word. History is a word, that linger’s dead into us. This story i’m about to tell you is not true(But it can show you what would happen in the world today.“ Murder is the worst word to say, it’s so true for the soul that has to suffer a great hate over them.

Taught by their family’s wrong, and put blood on their own hands why would god put them on earth for what was so special about them.” Daniel lewis quote. Case after case, murder is so real. That a man could do whatever over its victim, it is so wrong.(Believing sex and rape could ever last forever, and drinks its blood). If there is a reason over a great cause of evil over the soul and so collocated to hear about.

(But there is one by the name By William Jackson, who they nicknamed him (Wire). . . . . For he has killed his victims with a wire and a lot of grisly  objects.

He was a young boy growing up, that was good but he was bullied to death and he lost his own mind, and made murder slowly with his own mind.(He’s a brown Jack rabbit male). Who would often would wear, black cape and a red cotton coat on. With his eyes covered in makeup, and acts like a normal soul on earth, but a murder deep in the depth of hell here is his story . .

. (Not a true story). There was a small brown house on the east side of town, with a child getting ready to be born. A scream was coming out of the house with a wife and husband upstairs-he was sitting back when his wife was giving birth.

He was drinking whisky out of the glass, wearing overalls with no shirt on he’s was so drunk, that he did not care for the child at all that was getting ready to walk the first traces of hell.“ Is the child out yet woman!” He yelled drunk. His wife was screaming and laughing a little. She shooked her head no, her legs were back behind her back, with blood spraying out of the body.

“ Ahhh!” She scream in pain. A small cry was heard next, the father got up-and walk wiggly over to the bed.(He grabs the white cloth on the table, and wraps the baby in it. He licks the blood off on the face, he smirks and says.” Blood taste so good.” He then spits it on the baby’s face.” But not good enough.

” He gives his baby to his wife and walks down stairs to go eat a male Badger leg bone down stairs-that he killed. . . . .

. His wife was sitting on the bed, with the blood on the white sheets, she wipes off the blood of the furry face. She kind of smiles at the child, and says to the sleeping baby.

“ My son, who shall make oath to god and kill the sinner’s on the earth.” She rubs blood on the forehead of the child. . . .

(Creating the cross on the forehead),-She then licked it all up. This is when the devil, gonna rage over in the heavens and create evil over the child. Who the child shall be known as, Wirehead.     10 years laterWilliam jackson, was ten years old. He was wearing his brown wooden glasses on. Wearing a cotton brown shirt on-with soggy blue pants on.

He’s was a smart kid in his class, that he would get a lot of awards from art class and science to.-He was called (The crazy brain child). His school was about 2 miles away he walks there every day but not on sunday’s, he has bible study at his home-with his mom and dad and the grandparents. He was kicking a can with his right foot, as he was walking to school-holding 2 books in his hand. Out of nowhere 2 boys pop out of the bushes.

(2 Brown Wolf males). They looked at William jackson  funny, They pushed him on the ground, he then said.” What was that for Jeremy?” William jackson  Said to him. Jeremy think’s(he is one of those boys, who show off to girls thinking he is better-but he is not better but a poor fool who lived with a selfish family.