Change times

The class is silent. Heads are down.

Eyes are half-way closed. District assessment today. This is a classroom on a test day. Do you want your kids to risk failing a test because school makes your kids get up early ? I wouldn’t. Student shouldn’t be scared to fail a test because they are tired.

What if school started at 8am? Kids that love close to the school have to wake up at 7 and kids far away have to wake up at 6, maybe even 5: 30. That’s very early. I’m no expert, but I think people would refuse to wake up that early . Now what if you had a very important meeting to go to and you didn’t drink coffee? You might fall asleep. Imagine if you school district people had to wake up at 7am, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, i don’t think you guys can even pull it off. “ Basically conspiring to increase the risks of insufficient sleep in this population.

” Dr. Judith Owens, the director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. Some schools starting as early as 7 a. m., this means many teenagers aren’t getting the recommended nine hours of sleep for proper rest and development. Education Next looked at more than 146, 000 middle schoolers in the Wake County, N.

C., public school system and found that pushing back their start times an hour increased standardized math and reading scores by 2 percentile points to 3 percentile points. I remember when I walked into a math class tired and I forgot I had a math test that morning. I was scared and stressed out that I might fail the test, and T couldn’t talk to my teacher because my teacher and I didn’t have that bond between each other. Would you want your kids to risk failing a test because their exhausted ? I don’t think so.