Change over time: indian ocean essay

The Indian Ocean trade began in 650 A.

D. and lasted until 1750. When the Indian Ocean trade began it was very simple but over the years there were many changes. The desire to have more goods had increased and soon enough so did technology which made the Indian Ocean trade more efficient. The Indian Ocean trade was influenced by variation of many political power and it was the key-factor to the east-west exchange connecting non-neighboring countries and the spreading of religions, linking cultures, and influenced economic growth. The Indian Ocean trade route had connected the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia (East Africa, Arabia, The Persian Gulf, India, Indonesia, China and Japan) with Europe and the Americas.

The trade began with small businesses and settlements. Soon after religions (Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism) were beginning to be adopted by southeast Asian countries. Trade began to increase due to the rise of empires. Each area had traded different goods. The Arabian zone had traded goods which came from the middle east who’s goods were textile, glass, carpets, and Arabian horses and Africa which provided such as ivory , gold, timber, animal hides, and most importantly slaves no matter the color of their skin or ethnicity. India had goods such as their precious gems, elephant, salt, and cotton cloths.

Indonesia and Sri Lanka had the same goods. They traded their spices which was wanted more by the Europeans. China’s goods never changed throughout the years. They always traded porcelain, silk, and paper. Lastly silver was traded by Japan. When the Indian Ocean Trade hit it’s peak it was being interfered with the Portuguese. Since the Portuguese took control of the Indian Ocean trade they had greatly increased trade because they enabled the Europeans to trade with Asia which soon after increased the economies of both Asia and Europe.

The Portuguese had got control of the trade because of Vasco de Gamma. He was a Portuguese sailor who found the route to India and made notes about what he saw happening and the trade being done in the Indian Ocean. When he went back to Portugal he told his King and Queen about what he observed and they became extremely interested and wanted to take control so they captured the port cities and made fortresses. Over time the products that were being traded had remained the same. They were very little changes and nothing new was being brought to trade.

Diseases were also being spread though the trade routes putting many of these countries in danger. Overall the Indian Ocean trade made trade easy for non-neighboring countries. It was the rise of the empires that increase the Indian Ocean trade and the desires of more goods by the countries. It was also the control of Portuguese which increased trade and made Asia economy increase as well.